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What’s Causing Your Low Sex Drive and How You Can Fix It

What’s Causing Your Low Sex Drive and How You Can Fix It

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Sure, people joke about women not wanting sex, always complaining about being tired or having headaches. But when that’s your reality, it’s not funny. A low sex drive not only makes you uninterested in sex and intimacy, but it takes a toll on your relationship and self-esteem. And with one-third of adult women experiencing chronic low sex drives severe enough that it interferes with the quality of their lives, it’s more of a problem than most people realize.

When it comes to what’s causing your low sex drive, the answer—and solution—are not as easy to identify as a little blue pill. Human sexual response is a complex interaction of numerous things, including intimacy, physical and emotional wellbeing, previous experiences, beliefs, relationships, and lifestyle.

Even so, there are common things that are known to wreak havoc on your libido and make you shy away from getting it on. If you’re suffering from a low sex drive, perhaps one of these things are the culprit.

You Have Health Issues

Sometimes the problem with low sex drive is related to other health problems. Things like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal thyroid functioning, and neurological diseases can all impact your libido, making it harder to have the stamina and desire for sex, as well as impacting the ability to achieve and maintain erections.

You’re Taking Medications

Some medications are known to cause issues with libido. Antidepressants and anti-seizure medications are associated with causing low sex drive, while other medications, including blood pressure medicines like ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers, make keeping an erection and ejaculation difficult.

You Have Bad Habits

While just about everybody has bad habits, some of them may be impacting your lack of desire. Too much alcohol impacts your long-term libido, as does recreational drug use. Even smoking cigarettes can impact your sex drive, as nicotine decreases testosterone production, lowering libido. On average, men who smoke are twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.

You’re Tired

If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open on a regular basis, chances are sex isn’t on your mind. That’s because when you’re getting less than seven hours of shut-eye a night, your testosterone levels drop. For both men and women, getting enough sleep is vital to keeping hormone levels balanced and your thoughts between the sheets.

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You’re Hitting Menopause

When women hit menopause, hot flashes are expected. A non-responsive vulva and lack of sex drive are not, but that’s exactly what the drop in estrogen does. For some women, it’s not the lack of libido that pushes them away from doing the deed, but the pain during sex caused from body changes.

You’re Stressed Out

Stress is a major player when it comes to low sex drive. From financial burdens to family worries, when the stress hormone cortisol increases, testosterone decreases.  And when testosterone falls, so does your sex drive.

You’re Struggling with Mental Well-being

Whether it’s depression or low self-esteem, your mental well-being plays a role in your desire for intimacy. Past trauma and cultural beliefs can also impact low sex drive, as can a poor body image.

Natural Remedies for Low Sex Drive

When it comes to low sex drive, understand the desire for intimacy and sexual relations changes over time. Through its natural fluctuations, there will be times you can’t get enough and other times when you’re just not that into sex. And that’s okay. But if your lack of desire is causing you distress, consider one of these natural remedies to boost your sex drive.

  • Exercise: Regular exercise improves your body image and elevates your mood, making you more susceptible to wanting to do the deed.
  • Meditate: One of the best things you can do to increase wellness, meditation helps you focus on the present and let go of unneeded stress.
  • Communication: Open and honest communication has proven to improve couples’ sex lives and lead to high libidos.
  • Schedule It: While scheduled sex doesn’t sound exciting, it can be; the anticipation and preparation that occurs can be just what your sex drive needs.
  • Spice It Up: From having sex in a new place to adding in props, experimenting in the bedroom heats things up and boosts your sex drive.
  • Just Do It: Nothing increases a person’s sex drive more than really good sex; even if you think you’re not in the mood, grab your partner and go do it.
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