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The 6 Germiest Places in Your Home That You’re Forgetting to Clean

The 6 Germiest Places in Your Home That You’re Forgetting to Clean

Keeping a clean house is hard work, but it’s a super important part of keeping you and your housemates from succumbing to the mysterious illnesses that lurk in the depths of that dark corner you never really think to scrub. Even if you’re a type A personality with lysol wipes never further than arm’s reach, just existing as an organic being (and also leaving your home, like, ever) means that you’re constantly spreading around microscopic creepy crawlers that will wreak havoc if left to their own devices.

We’ve nailed down the hidden sections that need the most TLC from you to keep those superbugs from making a breeding ground out of your bathroom (and kitchen, and more). Happy hunting!


This one probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but that super-absorbent scrubber that you’ve wiped over all your food receptacles, rinsed with warm water, and left damp in the sink? Yes, shockingly, it is crawling with critters. Make sure to get in the habit of replacing your sponge regularly in order to avoid working with a filthy sponge.

Toothbrush holder

Although technically that toothbrush *should* be clean when it slides into the holder, lukewarm water and confined spaces tend to lead to some germy situations. Plus, you definitely want to make sure you’re cleaning out the home of the instrument that you’re literally shoving around your mouth for two minutes twice a day.

Coffee maker

Ouch, this one hits a little too close to home. Unfortunately for our morning caffeine habits, one study found a bunch of bacteria, staphylococcus, streptococcus, bacillus cereus, and E. coli just to name a few, all hiding in and around the whole machine, including the cup containing the coffee grounds, the water reservoir, and down below where the coffee is released.

Pet bowls

Would you want to eat all your meals off a plate that had been left out in the open and refilled with food for weeks at a time? Fido probably won’t complain, but you should think about how often you clean out kitty’s next time you set it on the counter to keep out of the dog’s reach.

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Maybe it’s because we imagine our technology as something out of the sleek, sophisticated future, but we tend to forget that using it usually involves a lot of hands-on handling. Shared devices like remotes and home computers are especially prone to collecting a menagerie of bacteria breeds, and we don’t even want to think about what our smartphones are hiding.

Light switches

Oh, those things that we touch as soon as we enter a space all the time for years on end without thinking to wash!? Not to mention all the visitors who also spend some skin-to-switch time with your electricity? Yeah, those switches have seen some things (things being germ-encrusted fingers, obviously).

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