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Strategies to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Strategies to Speed Up Your Morning Routine


Getting ready in the morning on time can be a time-consuming task for many of us. When you’re tired, you probably aren’t making the most efficient use of your a.m. hours. But if you’re slow to wake up and complete your morning routine, there are several things you can do to speed up your routine to make it an efficient and productive time.

Put your alarm clock across the room.

One of the most common mistakes is snoozing the alarm one too many times, and then running around trying to complete everything you need to do. If you set your alarm clock across the room, though, you’ll actually have to get up and walk over to it to turn it off (painful, we know). It’ll save you loads of time, and it’ll get you up and moving right away, so you won’t really have a lot of time to dread the thought of dragging yourself out of bed.

Have your outfit set out the night before.

One of the hardest tasks in the morning can be picking out an outfit. If you take the time at night when you’re still awake, it will save you so much time in the morning. Plus, you’ll probably have more fun styling an outfit when you’re not tired. Pro tip: check the weather ahead of time, too, so that you don’t have to scramble to find a backup outfit at the last minute.

Create a fun, mood-boosting playlist.

Having a go-to, mood-boosting playlist in the morning can help you stay motivated and on task in the morning. Music can help boost your mood, and will probably wake you up as you run around doing your routine. This can also distract you from feeling too tired and help you focus on all your favorite tunes.

Have a step-by-step routine for each day.

As simple as this sounds, having a step-by-step routine will save you tons of time. If you try to do the same things in the same order each morning, you’ll be more efficient with your time and know exactly how long it takes you to do certain tasks. You can always change this routine if it doesn’t really feel like things are moving as fast as they could, so try finding what’s perfect for you and stick with that every day.

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Set a limit on the amount of products you use in the morning.

If you are trying to use every single beauty, hair, and personal care product you have every morning, you’re probably not making the most of the time you have. Limit the number of go-to products that you use every morning, so that you can streamline the process of getting ready with your foolproof essentials instead of wasting time trying (and then removing) that new eyeliner you bought.

Prep your breakfast the night before.

Morning meal prep isn’t always the best use of your time before heading out the door, so eliminate that step of your routine by prepping your breakfast the night before. Go for options like overnight oats that only get better when you make them early and have them at the ready for the next day. Breakfast is extremely important for your overall health and metabolism, so making a healthy breakfast should be a top priority. Don’t really have a ton of time the night before to prep an overnight breakfast for the next morning? Don’t worry – you can always just stick to a speedy (and oh-so delicious) breakfast toast recipe, instead.

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