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How to Have a Relaxing Day When the Snow Starts Coming Down

How to Have a Relaxing Day When the Snow Starts Coming Down

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For most adults, “relaxing” can quickly become a foreign concept – if you aren’t working, you’re picking up your kids from school and if you aren’t grocery shopping, you’re calling Comcast for a WiFi fix (and we all know how long that takes). You get the point. There’s always something to do, and never enough time to do it. So take this snow day to rediscover what relaxation truly means….

Use go-to relaxation tricks

  • Wear your pj’s past noon, and while you’re at it, stay in bed until then. Catch all those zzz’s – you probably need them anyways!
  • After a good night’s (and morning’s) sleep, transform your bathroom into a home spa. Draw yourself a steaming hot bath, and throw in a lavender-scented bath bomb. Want to take it one step further? Light a few candles, and dim the main light. Grab a book, and embrace relaxation to its fullest!  
  • Once your done pampering yourself, give meditation a try! Free your mind from toxic thoughts and make positive affirmations, for a healthier, happier you.

Spend some time alone

As social creatures, we all love being surrounded by and interacting with people. But from time to time, we need a bit of alone time for self-discovery and self-love (i.e. hobbies, entertainment etc.). That being said, use this snow day to hibernate: shut off your phone, disconnect from social media, and unplug from the world for the day. Dedicate these 24 hours to yourself and yourself only.

  • Binge watch your favorite TV show or take on a “Star Wars” marathon!
  • Curl up in bed with a novel, a nice cup of hot tea or wine (depending on your preferences), and wander off into another universe.
  • Heck, plan you next solo vacation, for some more fun times alone!

Give yourself a little confidence boost

Make yourself feel beautiful! Who cares if you’re going out with the gals or not, just feel good about yourself. In the process, you might find a cute new makeup look, or dig up an old jacket you absolutely love…

  • Experiment with new hairstyles, and find what suits you best. Braided fish tail or messy bun?
  • Play dress up! Deep dive into your closet for a few hours –– you’ll be surprised by all the hidden gems that you may have forgotten, and you might be able to do a little closet cleaning out while you’re at it.
  • Browse YouTube for beauty tutorials. They’re so much fun to watch, and great source of inspiration for both everyday and special occasion looks.

Do a little home redesign

Redecorating your home is something that it’s all too easy to put off until later. Let this snow day be the day you revamp your home, fixer-upper style (minus the construction work)!

  • To start off, Marie-Kondo your home: clean out your closet, wash the dishes, organize your library etc. Go through your things and ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, might be time to move on.
  • Now comes the fun part. Get lost on Pinterest for some high-quality home decor inspiration. Make yourself a mood board for your new living room!
  • If your budget is low, create artwork for your home – it’s crafternoon, time. Let your creativity take the lead on this one.

Plan out your career

Never sick of work? Props to you! Here are a few simple ways you can boost your career:

  • Polish your resume on LinkedIn or shoot out a nice message to your last employer – who knows what cool opportunities might pop up?
  • If you’re feeling extra productive, take an online class relevant to your job’s skill set. You’ll feel more confident walking into work tomorrow, with a cool new update to share!
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