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One, Two, Three – Cancer Knockout!

One, Two, Three – Cancer Knockout!

Haymakers for Hope

Andrew Myerson is cofounder and CEO of Haymakers for Hope, a non profit with the goal to knock out cancer. Through boxing events, Myerson’s successful strategy has been to spread awareness while raising money to quite literally fight for a cure to end the dreadful disease.  Since its launch in 2010, Haymakers for Hope has raised over $3.5 million.

Why Boxing?

Countless charities for cancer awareness and research exist, but what makes Haymakers for Hope unique is its focus on fighting for a cure through boxing.  Andrew believes that “ the strength of the Haymakers fighter community and the journey that each fighter experiences during the training process have helped the idea take hold and gain popularity in both Boston and New York.”  Boxing is not only an incredible workout, but also provides a real mental challenge. Training to box is a life-altering experience that requires the utmost physical, emotional, and spiritual diligence. However, Andrew tells us, “the world of boxing can be daunting and overwhelming.” Now, with Haymakers for Hope, boxing can be a way to give back and to help others.

Andrew, along with cofounder Julie Anne Kelly, were training for the NYC Golden Gloves when they created Haymaker for Hope’s strategy. Julie and Andrew “were inspired by the trend of marathon fundraising to dedicate our Golden Gloves training to a cause and to set up a fundraising page for donations.” Julie is a cancer survivor and Andrew had lost a close friend to the disease – so the two co-founders knew exactly what they were dedicating their fight to.

Their initial fundraising project went extremely well, and Haymakers for Hope “saw an opportunity to give others a chance to see what they’ve got in the ring one time for charity.”   Andrew didn’t think that boxing would grow as quickly as it did, “the truth is I think we got lucky that people have started to discover that boxing is an insanely tough workout, a ton of fun, and it’s relatively quick.” Haymakers for Hope was established at the right time for boxing enthusiasts – and for the right cause.

Boxing and High Society

While boxing continues to grow in popularity, as it’s a great full body workout, not everyone wants to move from training to actually getting in the ring for fights.  Despite this, Haymakers for Hope continues to gain fighters for its events and in particular, receives support from the upper echelon of New York Society and the finance community.  People “want to feel the thrill of sparring in the ring. It’s an amazing adrenaline rush, and I think the more pressure people are under at work, the more they search for great outlets for their stress and pent up energy,” and so boxing is a great method of stress release.

“With Haymakers, we have created a unique platform where participants have a chance to test themselves in the ring and to dedicate their efforts to charity.” Haymakers attracts such a uniquely high caliber of participants and donors because of its interesting niche. The organization allows individuals to let loose and enjoy themselves while doing an activity that they would not normally be able to do, while also having a chance to give back.

Future of Haymakers

Haymakers for Hope’s primary goal is to raise funds for cancer research – while also giving its benefactors a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.” In the future, Haymakers hopes to expand beyond the Northeast and create relationships with more boxing gyms throughout the country. Andrew emphasized that with any expansion Haymakers undergoes, he and Julie want to “continue to deliver on our commitment to provide all participants with a high-quality experience.”

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