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How to Keep Your Colored Locks Healthy and Vibrant

How to Keep Your Colored Locks Healthy and Vibrant


When it comes to hair color, it’s fun to keep it fresh. With so many gorgeous hair color ideas to try out, sticking to your natural color can start to feel old. While some of us have been faithful to one shade since the days of crimping and butterfly clips, others are brave enough to embrace all the new hair color fads. From classic bottle blonde to trendy rose gold, there is bound to be a hue for you.

But no matter what shade you choose, there’s one thing for certain: you’ll want to preserve the color for as long as possible. While no dye job lasts forever, there are ways to maintain that straight-out-of-the-salon look between appointments. Stock up on color-safe shampoo and moisturizing masks, and consult our guide to caring for color-treated tresses. Whether you’ve decided to rock golden balayage or mermaid-blue, we can help you keep your new color looking vibrant.

Consult an Expert

If you’re heading to the salon for your new look, make sure you book a consultation with your hair colorist before the actual appointment. When it comes to new hair styles and shades, it’s always best to make sure that you and your colorist are on the same page. If you’re not, you could end up unhappy with your new look. Show them all of your Instagram inspo, and discuss color upkeep and styling before making the final leap!

Come Prepared

When you get to the salon, it’s best to arrive with unwashed hair. Waiting two days without shampooing is the best way to avoid any scalp irritation. It’s also best to forgo styling products before your appointment too. Products like sprays, waxes, and gels can mess with the coloring process. After you leave the salon – hopefully feeling Rihanna-level fabulous – avoid washing your hair again for two days, especially if you’ve gone darker. This will give the dye the time to set.

Rinse & Repeat

The right shampoo will work wonders for your new head of hair. Always make sure you’re bringing a color-safe product with you to the shower. If you’ve decided to go blonde or add in some highlights, try a shampoo made just for light hair. The best blondie-approved shampoos are purple, as they incorporate violet toner to prevent brassiness. These shampoos also work well for light colors like pinks, purples, and blues dyed over bleached hair. If you’ve gone for a bold new red or brown, stick to shampoos that are shade-specific and sulfate-free.

Keep it Glossy

Unfortunately, hair dye can damage and dry out your locks – and dry hair doesn’t hold color for long. Luckily, using a moisturizing, color-safe mask is another way to ensure your hair keeps its color and shine. Hair masks can help restore your hair’s moisture, which means you can hang onto your color longer. For your best hair health, use a revitalizing hair mask once a week. (It’s a great excuse to break out face masks, wine, and Netflix too!)  If your color is looking a little dull, add a hair gloss to your weekly routine as well. Color-refreshing glazes will give your hair new life, and hold you over until your next hair appointment.

Protect Your Locks

Your hair color will last longer if you keep it well protected. When using heat to style your hair, use heat-protecting products and UV-protectant products before you go into the sun. In the warmer months (or during a winter vacation) the pool can be your hair’s worst enemy. Chlorine can fade color fast, and gives blonde hair a greenish tint. A good way to avoid this is to rinse your hair and soak it with conditioner before you jump in the pool. The conditioner will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine, so you can splash away.

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