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How to Deal With Blue Light Before It Steals Your Sleep

How to Deal With Blue Light Before It Steals Your Sleep


You’ve probably heard about all the hype around blue light by now from one of your screens that is constantly releasing it, but what exactly does this special wavelength have everyone feeling so blue?

What is blue light, anyway?

Blue light is a type of short wavelength light that is emitted by all the screens in our lives, like televisions, computers, and, of course, our permanently-attached smartphones.

Why is blue light a problem? 

All that blue light blaring in through your eyeballs inhibits the production of melatonin, that natural hormone in your brain that says it’s time to turn off the internal lights. When that production is disrupted, it becomes more difficult to ‘shut down’ for the night and drift off into a deep sleep.

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How can you fix it? 

Companies like Felix Gray were founded on the idea of protecting your eyes from too much screen time even outside of sleeping hours, and apps like f.lux can tinge the coloring on your computer as the evening progresses to help you shift to sleepy time, but there’s really one best way to deal with the dilemma.

Seriously, just stay off your screens for about an hour before bed. Use a device like Candle to keep your phone far away from the bedside and rely on a pleasing sunrise alarm clock, instead. Use this time for reading, stretching, or meditating rather than re-binging Stranger Things or watching old Vine compilations, and save those for the daylight hours.

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