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Everything You Need to Spend This Saturday Unwinding at Home

Everything You Need to Spend This Saturday Unwinding at Home

Have you been practicing enough self-care lately? Besides embracing our weekly  #MaskMonday, there often isn’t enough time to spare during the work week to truly relax, unwind, and let those permanent knots in your shoulders finally untangle. Forget the FOMO this weekend and soak up a blissful Saturday at home. We promise – all of your friends and parties will still be around next weekend to put a strain on your energy and wallet. For now, embrace a day spent lounging around indoors and giving your brain and body a little time to recuperate.  To help you out, we’ve put together a perfect recipe for Saturday success, with plenty of room for customization.

Put the phone down.

Social media does bad things for FOMO. Check it at the door, or leave it with a Candle. Seriously, hit “Do Not Disturb,” and don’t look back ’til Sunday morning. You’ll be amazed at how peaceful you feel when it’s locked away (as soon as you get over those early, itchy withdrawals, that is).

Build a nest.

Throw on your favorite sweats (or that onesie that you ordered on a whim that one night), dig out your gravity blanket (or heated if you really want to turn things up a notch), and collapse somewhere comfortable (your couch or bed should do just fine). The point is to achieve the most comfortable position you can and go from there.

Select the right entertainment.

Maybe you love Russian period films, or maybe that new murder mystery novel is calling to you from your bookshelf, or maybe you want to finally catch up on that podcast that you’ve been listening to that always manages to get to the good part right when you step into the office. Whatever floats your boat is fair game, in the end, so get it going.

Set the ambience.

It’s time to burn that delicious seasonal candle, turn the lights down low, and breathe deeply. Maybe inhale an essential oil to remember the mountains? Or a celestial light show to send your mind into the stars? Pick your mood, and chase it.

Food and drink.

Love to cook? Fantastic! You now have time to whip up whatever your heart desires. Hate the thought of turning on the stove? Well, you’re in luck – turning your Saturday into a top-notch nesting situation means doing whatever you feel like you need in the moment to be at your comfiest. If that means ordering online and greeting the delivery man like the hero he is (with a cash tip, duh), then so be it.

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Take a long, luxurious bath.

If you’re lucky enough to own a tub, pretty much all of the above activities can be done from the comfort of 1.5 feet of warm water. Plus, you can do that hair treatment that you never have time for in the morning, and even add in a little aromatherapy while you’re at it because what the heck. We suggest a glass filled with the vino of your choice for the occasion, along with a burning candle or two and your favorite moody album on shuffle.

Tuck in and stay in.

When’s the last time you crash-landed without setting an alarm? Well, if ever there was a time to do it, that time would be now. Go get your full eight hours (or, you know, 11 or 12, if you need it) and wake up on Sunday feeling warm, fuzzy, and refreshed.

Give yourself a little jumpstart.

Sometimes winding down is easier said than done. When that’s the case and you just can’t seem to get your mind to stop stressing over everything on your plate or your to-do list, it never hurts to tap into the powers of a natural mind relaxer, like WellPath ZEN, to ease your mind into a chilled-out state.

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