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How Different Colors Change the Quality of Your Workout

How Different Colors Change the Quality of Your Workout

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There are a lot of different things that you know may be affecting the quality of your workout, like the foods you use to fuel yourself before hitting the gym or your pre-workout stretching routine (or, dare we say it, lack thereof). But of all the different factors that play into how good or bad your sweat session is, there’s one that may not be on your radar, despite being a pretty major player: color. As it turns out, color can play a pretty big role in determining how hard you go at the gym, whether we’re talking about the color of your walls, your workout leggings, or your free weights. To make sure that you’re always using hues to your fitness advantage, check out this guide to workout-friendly (and not-so-friendly) colors.

For when you’re ready to crush it…

If you’re all about that “go hard, or go home” gymming lifestyle, then the color that best aligns with your fitness philosophy is red. Of all the colors on the spectrum, red has the longest wavelength, which makes it just about the most powerful color there is. As a result, it works well to motivate you and power you through even the toughest workouts.

For when you know you should workout, but you’re not really feeling it…

A bad mood can be disastrous when it comes to the quality of your workout, but surrounding yourself with some bursts of yellow here and there can make for just the pick-me-up you need to get back on track. The bright hue can instantly boost your mood, which is perfect for when you’re trying to convince yourself to hit the gym.

For when you’re about to try a new (and slightly intimidating) fitness move…

Making progress towards your health goals requires that you constantly be challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Of course, that can also go hand in hand with a bit of intimidation. To help you keep your nerves in check, though, try surrounding yourself with as much blue as possible. The relaxing hue has a way of calming you down when you’re feeling anxious, which makes it ideal for staying cool and collected while trying to tackle a new fitness challenge.

For when you’re feeling a little self-conscious going into your workout…

Everybody has had those days where, despite adhering to a healthy lifestyle, they’re just not feeling their best or most confident. But when that’s the case, it’s best to surround yourself with some green vibes – for example, try taking your workout outside and interacting with nature while you exercise – as the color is known for helping you get in touch with your inner beauty and with helping you feel grateful for what you have.

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