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5 Hacks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

5 Hacks to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Everyone loves vacation, but no one loves getting sick on vacation. And let’s face it, journeying to a new place can be stressful on your physical wellness, since staying healthy while traveling may require you to be a little extra proactive. Here are a few steps you can take that will help you make the most out of your chance to refresh, relax, and recharge without battling illness along the way.


Don’t forget to stay hydrated on vacation and while flying. Low humidity levels in the air are the primary cause of dehydration and low energy levels after landing, so taking proper care of your body during and after a flight is crucial. You’ll also want to make sure you’re properly rested and hydrated before having a drink or – if you’re going somewhere warm – soaking up some rays.

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Whether you’re intentionally skimping on sleep as you try to pack a ton of activities into a short vacation or you’re just dealing with a little bit of difficulty dozing off in a new locale (maybe it’s jetlag, maybe it’s the first night effect), there are several reasons you might find your sleep suffering when you’re on a trip. However, to make sure that your energy stays in check and you don’t find yourself dealing with daytime fatigue, it’s important to stick to a healthy sleep routine every night.

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There’s nothing worse than being hangry on a long, uncomfortable flight, or on a day trip in a new city. Packing snacks is a great way to eliminate the sensation and to keep your energy levels up – as long as you’re packing the right ones. Opt for nutrient and protein powerhouses in your snack bag to stay energized and elated on vacation.

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This is especially important if you go backpacking or hiking in a foreign setting, but even if you’re just going to the beach, don’t leave the first aid kit at home (accidents happen!). If you’re badly cut, bruised, or burned, and far away from anywhere familiar, a first aid kit will come in handy. You can stop any bleeding, or prevent any blistering, scarring, or infection (or any combination of the three) at a moment’s notice.

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Your skincare regimen and supplement schedule is as important on vacation as it is back home – perhaps even more so, given the sudden change of environment. Who knows what you may be susceptible to in an unfamiliar place? Don’t let your routine fall through the cracks just because you’re on vacation. Set reminders for yourself to help you stay on track when you’re mind might be elsewhere, and make sure that you have everything you need packed ahead of time so that you’re not worried about it later on.

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