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4 Ways Collagen Can Supercharge Your Workout

4 Ways Collagen Can Supercharge Your Workout

adobestock_117725562Collagen is, undeniably, the hidden hero of our body. As the most abundant protein in the human body and a major building block for our connective tissue, collagen helps us with our flexibility and athletic performance. Overlooking its importance in our body, especially given its supporting function in muscle building activities, is detrimental. In fact, our modern day diet of lean protein may be to blame for us lacking the natural collagen we need from lack of consumption. This lack of necessary collagen plays into exactly why we need it to supercharge our workout, in order to achieve maximum peak performance. So, here’s four ways collagen can vastly improve your workout.

adobestock_1064847111. It Encourages Healthy Response to Inflammation

When you lift heavy weights or run long distance, it puts a strain on your body which causes inflammation. Collagen is used in your body to speed up the repair of damaged connective tissues caused by your endurance training. It encourages a healthy response to inflammation from your body, and thus shortens the time you need to heal.

adobestock_635786832. It Promotes Joint Health

When you run often, your joints are at risk of being worn out and injured. The collagen in your body, especially between your joints, helps cushion your tendons. A recent study on collegiate athletes at Penn State University found that use of collagen actually supported joint health and reduced discomfort from high-risk factors.

adobestock_1030970953. It Reduces Body Fat

As a supplement, collagen can help maintain and restore your muscles’ protein content. Collagen peptides help with the synthesis of creatine in the body, which supplies energy to cells. In turn, this creatine has been proven to improve performance during short intensity workouts which help athletes increase body mass while reducing body fat percentage.

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adobestock_698359144. It Reduces Bodily Injury

Your ligaments are made up of 75% collagen, and when undergoing strenuous activity, are prone to injury. Collagen can help rebuild these crucial connective tissues, keeping the connections between your bones like tendons and ligaments, smooth. Moreover, when you start working out more often, your muscles may grow faster than the connective tissues – which is why it’s even more important to factor in collagen as a supplement in your diet. In your daily workout routine, collagen should never be overlooked. It’s a vital natural protein that with modern day diets focused on lean protein, we often lack.

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