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Why Standing Desks Are Better For Your Body

Why Standing Desks Are Better For Your Body



The newest trend in the American office is the standing desk, which is supposedly an improvement over the conventional cubicle arrangement. Sitting down for 8 hours or more a day purportedly slows down blood flow and your metabolism while impacting your mood and energy levels. A sitting desk also encourages the tendency to lean towards your computer, negatively affecting your posture. Recently, scientists in the field and social influencers like Mark Zuckerberg have discussed the advantages behind standing desks, prompting a whole new revolution in office spaces across the country. Yet as popular as standing desks are, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of the desk for your health and bodily performance.


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Reduces risk of weight gain and obesity

Weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you burn, and exercise is definitely a way to combat this. By using a standing desk, you can have more room to do desk exercises and pace around, burning calories while you work. In fact, compared to a day of sedentary work, spending that time standing has been proven to burn an additional 170 calories.


Helps improve your posture

With a traditional desk, most workers complain of back pain because they’ve usually been hunched over looking at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. It’s terrible for your posture and hurts your back, problems the standing desk is designed to combat. In a study by the CDC, a standing desk reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% after just four weeks.


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Boosts your mood and energy levels

Because standing desks keep your blood flow going at higher rates, your mood and energy levels reap the benefits. In a seven-week study, participants reported less stress and fatigue compared to their sitting counterparts. Not only that, 87% had increased energy throughout the day.


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Elevates your productivity

Popular at prominent tech firms like Facebook and Google, standing desks have been shown to elevate your productivity and make you more efficient in completing tasks. In fact, BusinessInsider teamed up with the tech startup Draugiem Group to create an app called DeskTime to study the impact of standing on concentration, ability to work and productivity levels. They found that compared to sitting desks, standing desks actually led to 10% more productivity. It also helped individuals focus more on the task at hand.

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Helps you live longer

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with heart disease and type II diabetes. Studies have shown that those who sit the most during the workday have a 49% greater risk of dying early, while reducing sitting time by 3 hours could improve your life expectancy by two years.

It’s clear that standing desks are worth the price and slight hassle, especially given all the health benefits from reduced risk of various diseases to improving your posture. You can see the difference clearly in your everyday life—and with the 10% boost in productivity, you’ll be leaving work early in no time.

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