Why Just One Minute of Intense Exercise Will Benefit Your Health


For the people out there that aren’t part of the fitness guru and bodybuilders club, we exercise for a purpose, which right about now might be to shed that extra holiday weight, or start training for that 2018 goal to run a marathon this year. But going to the gym everyday for 30-45 minutes to run on the treadmill or use the StairMaster to get our heart rate up is something you may not exactly be crazy about doing in your free time, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve worked up a sweat. Luckily, it turns out that, in your efforts to get your health back in shape this month, it might not take a lot more than just a few minutes of high-intensity training to kick your fitness game into high gear..

A recent study has been released by researchers that proves that 60 seconds (yes, a single minute) of intense exercise is just as benefitting for your health as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. Yep, we’re not kidding.

Interval training has always been very important for people like professional athletes because it improves their agility and power, but lately, people, especially ones who usually never have enough time to work out for long periods, have been hopping on the trend and performing this form of exercise in gyms around the country. Scientists have also started to take a liking to the idea of working your body in short intervals rather than performing long exercises, and many studies have shown that working out this way is great for your heart health.

So, let’s talk about this amazing study that will most likely change the way you exercise. Scientists at McMaster University in Ontario recruited 25 young men who were clearly out of shape, figured out their aerobic fitness, and examined their body’s ability to use insulin to regulate their blood sugar levels. They also measured the men’s muscles to see how well they functioned.

From there, the men were divided into three different groups. The first group was told not to change their exercise regimen in the slightest, the second were told to ride on a stationary bike for about 45 minutes with two minutes of warm up and three minutes of cool down. The last group was the true experiment. For this group, they were told to warm up on the same stationary bikes for two minutes, pedal as hard as they can for 20 seconds, and then immediately, dropped into a slower pace for two minutes. This was performed two more times, so the total time that their bodies were performing rigorous work was one minute. The entire workout lasted 10 minutes. All three groups did this for 12 weeks before scientists looked at the results.

This time, when the scientists re-tested everything they examined in the beginning, they found that the long endurance group, as well as the interval group, showed completely identical results.Their endurance, insulin resistance, and muscle function improved significantly, which means their overall health had improved. Remember this study next time you’re stressed about not being able to spend a full hour at the gym! Exercise has just become way more bearable, and we are not complaining.