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Why is Erotic Audio Booming in the Sextech Industry?

Why is Erotic Audio Booming in the Sextech Industry?

In the past few years, the women’s empowerment has grown in exponential ways. From the #MeToo movement to multiple female politicians running for president, to Esther Duflo winning the Nobel Prize in economics, women have made huge strides towards reaching one common goal: global gender equality and recognition.

Much to our pleasure, the progress women fueled has opened the gates to new and exciting conversations, where what was once taboo is now cool. Case in point: sex. Where sex was once a topic that women would only discuss discreetly — if ever —it has become one that they’re more than willing to be open about, today. Women now comfortably share their sexual fantasies, watch more porn, and buy more sex toys – and lifestyle brands have quickly picked up on this. In fact, women and the industries catering to their wellness needs, have created secure environments and safe products to expand female-led sexual conversation and exploration.

From the looks of it, sextech in femtech – technology focused on women’s sexual health – is where women find the most pleasure. With a market potential of $50 billion by 2025, the female sextech industry is hotter (or should we say, steamier) than ever, releasing unique new products for every woman’s ultimate pleasure. An especially popular innovation is erotic audio or storytelling, the new BIG sextech trend.

Thinking of giving it a go? You’ve clicked your way to the right place, where we’ll walk you through what erotic audio is, why it works, and how you can try it for yourself.

What is erotic audio?

Audio erotica is erotic storytelling that you can listen to through different apps and websites. Just like how guided meditation apps keep you relaxed, and crime audio books keep you entertained, audio erotica gets you in the perfect head space for sex. These recordings can be absolutely anything, as long as their end goal is to sexually arouse the listener.

Why is it so effective?

There are three reasons why audio erotica is massively popular amongst women, and therefore effective in fulfilling their sexual desires. For starters, audio erotica is hyper-immersive; once the headphones are on, women feel like they can experience every word that’s being spoken. It’s a new approach to sex a — highly-sensorial, intimate, and arousing one for women.

This ties in closely to the second point here, which is that according to a review printed in Archives of Sexual Behavior, women use their imagination to kick start their arousal more than men, who more typically need visual stimuli to feel turned on. This makes erotic storytelling — which is a highly creative and imaginative media channel — the perfect outlet for women to satisfy their sexual needs. You can also think of audio erotica as written porn on steroids, as more of your senses and imagination are stimulated simultaneously.

And finally, the last reason women are big on audio erotica is because they can listen to it anywhere. In the privacy of your home or in the company of your partner(s). Audio erotica builds a secure bubble for you to sexually enjoy yourself and others — anywhere and anytime.

Which platforms do we recommend? 

1. Dispea: by women for women.

Dispea is a female-founded app that houses more than 150 short stories (each about 5-20 minutes long). Every story is centered around protagonists with various races, genders, and sexual orientations. Being a female-targeted app, every story is first and foremost tailored to satisfy a woman’s sexual needs. Nonetheless, Dispea’s content is made accessible to all, by consistently using an inclusive, and relatable voice. Stories can range from self-love and dirty talk to full on fantasies and couple’s listening – satisfying every user’s unique pleasures, and giving them room to also experiment. 

What makes it stand out? Unlike the old-school romance novels, the characters’ experiences are grounded in millennial realities (i.e. dating apps, Snapchat, etc.), making stories more identifiable and engaging.

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2. Bawdy Storytelling: playful, sexy and intellectual.

Bawdy’s storytelling is an erotic and humorous podcast capturing live recordings from their nationwide storytelling events. Entertainers include real ordinary people, who speak of unusual sexual encounters, gender-related anecdotes, and body positivity messages. It’s silly, sexy, and thought-provoking all at once — perfect for playful people with wildly fun fantasies.

What makes it stand out? Unlike traditional audio erotica, Bawdy Storytelling inserts humor in a usually tense and intimate sphere. Sex is supposed to be fun, and Bawdy Storytelling makes a point to keep it that way.

3. Quinn: the millennial’s dream.

This site features both written and audio erotica. The content is graded with a “fire rating” from sexy to super sexythe hotter the audio, the higher the rating. Quinn’s featured content ranges from professional storytelling audios (with sound effects and narration) to amateur phone-recordings of muffled moans. Quinn is the ultimate online sex guide for the newer generations, satisfying both lovey-dovey and kinky fantasies

What makes it sand out? Quinn crowd sources its content, allowing thousands of users to anonymously post audio erotica, make money, and make people feel really good.The platform has strict policies to counter disorderly conduct, which is how it maintains a safe, intimate, and supportive online community.

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