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What’s the Deal with Floral Essences?

What’s the Deal with Floral Essences?

Wellness trends have a funny way of keeping you on your toes. Just when you’re getting used to the idea that you should curb your fat intake if you’re looking to lose weight, you catch wind of the all-the-rave keto diet that actually prescribes fat (quality fats, anyway) as a way of keeping your weight and energy in check. Just as you’re finally getting your endurance up and prolonging your exercises, you find out that shorter, high-intensity workouts might be the way to go. And now, just as you think you’ve successfully built a comprehensive arsenal of essential oils to tackle all of your problems, you catch wind of the fact, wait, floral essences are the problem-solving agents in tiny glass vials du jour. Which begs the question: what on earth is a floral essence, anyway?

First things first, some good news: floral essences might seem similar enough to essential oils to have you thinking you need to chuck your well-stocked collection of the latter to make room for the floral, but, you’re in luck! No such swappage need occur. Despite their seemingly similar purpose, the big difference between essential oils and floral essences is that while essential oils are traditionally used to target the physical body, floral essences are all about emotional wellness.

Unlike essential oils, floral essences are totally unscented and extracted using water, as opposed to steam or cold pressing. A flower essence is basically energy extracted in water, where a flower or a plant is left in water over a period of time in order to essentially transfer its healing properties or energy to the water by leaving a “vibrational imprint” on the liquid. That water – which would then contain the balancing energies of the flowers – can be used by either ingesting it directly or combining it with different creams, sprays, or other topical products.

As for the reasons you might use a floral essence, it mostly comes down, again, to emotional wellness. The idea is that the energetic properties of a floral essence can ultimately balance out your emotional body, helping balance mental wellbeing and counteract negative thoughts, feelings, and moods. For example, lemon flower essence can help improve clarity and sharpen the mind, and a little bit of hibiscus essence might boost your sexual energy. Honestly, whatever facet of mind-body wellness you’re trying to address, chances are that there’s a floral essence that has been attributed to helping with it in some regard.

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Still a little skeptical? You might take comfort in the fact that, because of the fact that they draw their benefits from energy as opposed to the potency of different ingredients or agents, floral essences are pretty much safe for anyone to use and don’t really hold a risk of any side effects. That means that, at worst, floral essences might just do nothing for you. But at best, they could totally offer the mental and emotional benefits that they promise. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t say it, but we can’t help it: this is what we call some serious flower power.

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