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WellPath Inspiration: The Tarahumara Tribe

WellPath Inspiration: The Tarahumara Tribe

“When you run on the earth and run with the earth, you can run forever.” –Tarahumara Proverb

Who They Are

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The Tarahumara tribe, who are natives of Mexico’s Copper Canyons, are perfect proof that it does not take superhuman athleticism to accomplish superhuman feats. Known as some of the world’s greatest ultrarunners – entire villages would participate in regular races in excess of fifty miles – they manage these feats without high technology and pharmacology. Instead, they rely on training proper form from a young age and a consistent diet of natural, simple, nutritionally-rich foods complemented by local superfoods like chia.

Why They Inspire Us

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The “running people,” as they are known, are positive proof that nothing is impossible and that our biggest limitation is often ourselves. Any time doubt creeps into your psyche – whether it’s on the asphalt or in the boardroom, remember that we are capable of only what we allow ourselves to believe.

Their Thoughts on Nutrition 

scoop of grain

A few staples of the Tarahumara diet, like iskiate and pinole, are simple dishes loaded with energy dense ingredients. Izkiate, comprised of little more than water, chia seeds, some lime juice, and honey, is surprisingly delicious with all the substantial benefits that chia seeds can provide. 

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