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WellPath Inspiration: Sir Edmund Hillary

WellPath Inspiration: Sir Edmund Hillary


Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest on May 29, 1953, could have well rested on his laurels after achieving one of the defining athletic and exploratory feats of the past century. Instead he led expeditions to the South Pole, championed humanitarian efforts in Nepal, and became one of the first environmental crusaders.


The reasons are almost too many to count. Still, perhaps more impressive than his physical achievements, throughout it all he remained humble and gracious – always using the fame afforded him through his accomplishments to draw attention to the causes with which he was involved. Well into his 80’s he continued to travel to remote corners of the earth – proving to us all that there is no expiration date on adventure.



Hillary has long since recognized the importance of nutrition to accomplish his laundry list of exploratory feats. In fact, Hillary very publicly talked about using Grape-Nuts (yes, the cereal) as a key component of his fuel during that fateful expedition. For Hillary it was always about finding fuel that was both efficient and nutritious. While he operated within a considerably less enlightened era of nutritional knowledge he understood the need for the right kinds of carbohydrates that would provide him and his team sustained energy during their expeditions.

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