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WellPath Inspiration: Fauja Singh

WellPath Inspiration: Fauja Singh

“It’s not easy to run a marathon, I know it will be painful but when I start it, I
know I’m going to finish it.”
 –Fauja Singh

Who Is He

At age eighty-nine, after dealing with personal tragedy in the passing of his wife, his fifth son, and eldest daughter, Fauja Singh rediscovered a love for running. Not just your average run around the block – he trained for and subsequently completed eight marathons over the following fifteen years. At nearly one hundred and two years old he was still running competitively. All of this despite the fact that as a child he did not develop the ability to walk until he was five years old and for years thereafter struggled with thin and weak legs.

Why He Inspires Us

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Proof positive that it is never too late to start something momentous in your life – whether it’s an athletic achievement like a marathon or simply the desire to live better. There is no better time for enacting positive change like now.


Singh is a strict vegetarian – his diet includes plentiful yogurt, fruit, vegetables and a little bit of simple carbohydrates in the form of lentils. Despite the yogurt he maintains a diet relatively low in dairy, his preferred choice of liquid being a healthy dose of tea. We’ve long been advocates of keeping dairy intake to a reasonable level and have always encouraged people to drink plenty of tea.

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