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Wait a Minute – Can Smoking Marijuana Actually Help Boost Your Sex Drive?

Wait a Minute – Can Smoking Marijuana Actually Help Boost Your Sex Drive?

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You already know that cannabis can work wonders as far as relaxing your mind goes, whether you’ve come to that realization by smoking it or getting in on the rising trend of CBD-infused, mind-relaxing products. But it turns out that your stress levels aren’t the only thing that can benefit from lighting up here and there; your sex life might have something to gain, too.

In analyzing data from 50,000 Americans over the course of 13 years, researchers from Stanford University found that the frequency with which people (both men and women) smoked weed tended to tie into how often they got it on between the sheets. As in, people who smoked pot on the daily reported having sex about 20 percent more often than people who didn’t. Yeah. 

But, okay, let’s be clear – the data doesn’t necessarily identify a direct correlation or causation between smoking pot and doing the dirty. If anything, the only thing it definitively does is negate prior belief that marijuana hinders libido. But in terms of any concrete evidence tying marijuana to a stronger sex drive, the study falls a little bit short.

What the research might suggest, though, is that, because smoking weed helps you feel more relaxed and less anxious, it could reduce any nervousness that might interfere with libido. And because sex and mood often go hand-in-hand – and because marijuana can have a positive effect on mood – it follows that smoking could spell good news for sex drive.

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“If you have chocolate cake, you’re like, ‘Wow, that was great. I want more of that’ — same thing with sex,” neuroscientist Josh Kaplan, PhD, said in an interview with PopSugar. “You get this enhancement of sexual experience which could underline why people who use cannabis engage or frequent sex. When you can find the right cannabinoid composition and right method of consumption, it could have an arousing effect on mood and on desire and so in that sense, it could be really helpful in the leading up process as well as the physical sensation when you’re engaging in the experience itself.”

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