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Using Chalk At the Gym Can Help You Go the Extra Mile – Here’s How

Using Chalk At the Gym Can Help You Go the Extra Mile – Here’s How

Chalking up before a lifting session can feel a little…intense. But it’s not just for the pro bodybuilders. It turns out that almost everyone could use a little lift when they’re lifting –– not to mention an extra spotter.

Adding chalk to your hands before taking on any kind of weight training helps dry out your sweaty skin and increase your grip, making sure that nothing especially heavy (literally) slips through your fingers, and collides with another unprepared body part.

When you can hang on better, it’s a lot easier to keep your form sharp and secure, too. Doing weight-lifting exercises incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous and prone to injury, so it’s definitely worth it to chalk up and add another level of protection.

Even when you’re lifting something small like a kettlebell or hand weight, fast repetitive motions can cause some nasty tears and blisters if you’re not careful, and chalk can help there, too, by helping reduce the harsh rub of the weight on your palm as you perform the exercise. Be careful though –– you definitely don’t want to go too hard on the chalk, since overdoing it can actually increase the friction that you’re trying to prevent in the first place.

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Instead of caking it on, remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to chalk application. Take one block of chalk and lightly pull it down each finger from end to end, and then across your palm a few times. If there aren’t any blocks, just tap your fingers into the dust then rub your hands together to spread it around.

Depending on just how sweaty you get, your chalk may wear off faster than you expected. Be sure to reapply when you feel like your fresh coat isn’t so fresh anymore.

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