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3 Major Reasons to Update Your (Probably Stale) Exercise Routine

3 Major Reasons to Update Your (Probably Stale) Exercise Routine

How often do you change up your exercise routine, really? If you do a little fitness reflection and realize that you’ve been doing the same few exercises or workouts for more than three months, it might be time to change things up a bit. Why? If you aren’t switching up your workouts, it could be slowing down your progress and reducing your commitment. Here are three reasons why you should change your exercise routine now.

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1. Repetition Slows Strength Gains

If you don’t regularly change the amount of reps, sets, or exercises you do, your body adapts to these workouts, making it much harder to actually break plateaus and make improvements in cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Because you’re exercising the same muscles in the same fashion for an extended period of time, other muscles may grow weak, which will affect your overall strength and progress.

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2. Staleness Reduces Motivation

Repeating the same workouts over and over again without any variation will quickly bore you and make it easier for you to skip out on your workout because it’s just the same thing you’ve been doing for months. If you’re going to do a new workout or attend a different workout class, the confusion to your mind and muscles alone will create a new challenge and potentially add an element of fun to your workout as you’re learning the new moves. Like trying new food, you’ll like some new workouts and you’ll dislike others, but trying it all makes you more experienced and helps you learn what things you like and dislike, so that you can have an easier time making workout choices in the future.

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3. Lack of Variation Decreases Focus

Without changing up your workouts, it’s very easy to get stuck in your routine and go into autopilot mode while doing your workouts. You may be doing them, but you’re not actually challenging yourself anymore because you’re acting from muscle memory, and not actually stimulating your body to engage and create maximal force or output. You may feel motivated to go to the gym, but over time the repetition of workouts will cause you to slowly drift, and you’ll find yourself more focused on the music you’re listening to instead of the exercises you should be performing. This will cause you to start choosing the same weights or speed settings over and over again, slowing and delaying progress. Changing up your routine, though, will encourage you to be more mindful of the exercises that you’re doing, and will ultimately lead to faster results.

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