The Top 6 Stress-Relieving Beauty Products

Everyone has their go-to beauty products, but when your arsenal of creams, moisturizers, body oils, and serums can double as a stress-fighting solution, that’s what you can call a total win. Read on for some of our favorite beauty products that work double duty to keep you feeling your best while you look your best.


51iR8c48VrL._SX522_AVEDA Stress-Fix Body Creme, $26

Sustainably-harvested sea algae is the key to this cream’s moisturizing – and moisture-locking – properties, making it a great way to combat dry, dehydrated skin. And while it soothes your skin, this body cream works to soothe your mind, too, thanks to a scent that’s infused with lavender and sage to reduce feelings of stress.


61RHC6WHqiL._SY679_Bach Rescue Remedy Spray, $12

When staying calm and focused is a struggle, a spritz or two of this mouth spray is all it takes to get you back on top of your game. A blend of natural floral essences – think rose, clematis, and cherry plum – works together to keep you feeling calm, focused, and confident no matter what you’re up against throughout the day.


s1802958-main-LheroThe Estée Edit Stress Relief Eye Mask, $42

With ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and caffeine in its formula, this 10-minute eye mask works wonders when it comes to stopping stress and fatigue in their tracks. Plus, you will reap major beauty benefits, like reduced appearance of fine lines and dark circles under your eyes, leaving you looking totally refreshed.


51drjAb2-+L._SX522_Tata Harper All-Natural Aromatic Stress Treatment, $18

For the perfect on-the-go stress remedy, this handy oil blend is ideal. Simply apply the treatment to your palms or the pulse points of your neck and wrists and the therapeutic scent take you to a total state of tranquility and calmness.


21EyLot1W7LOrigins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief, $22

When stress is getting the better of you, the only thing you want is fast, on-the-spot relief. Enter this gentle treatment with ingredients like rose water and eucalyptus oil, which you can apply to your neck, temple, or earlobes to ease away stress and tension.


71IviIRd0WL._SY679_Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist, $8

If you thought your nighttime routine had everything it needed, think again. To boost your sleep while calming your mind before bed, a relaxing pillow mist is a must. This pick is infused with a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint oils, the former of which helps clear the mind of crowded thoughts and the latter of which helps ease your brain into a peaceful rest.