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Top 5 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have

Top 5 Essential Oils Everyone Should Have

Essential oils come from the earth. These natural aromatic compounds are derived from flowers, seeds, roots and other parts of plants. They have amazing nutritional properties and have many potential benefits, in addition to their delightful smell!  


Lavender is mostly known for its many relaxing and soothing properties. Did you know that it can also be used to quickly treat the occasional skin irritation?

Lavender’s Uses

Add a few drops to epson salt and add to a warm bath to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.

Diffuse into air at night to promote a good night’s sleep.

Add a few drops of  lavender to a glass spray bottle and mix with water and use to spritz your sheets before bed.

Apply lavender to those itchy bug bites.

Apply to a burn or scrape to promote a quick recovery.


Peppermint is widely used as flavoring for toothpaste to promote oral health, but it is also great for promoting healthy respiratory function.  

Peppermint’s Uses:

Apply diluted peppermint directly under nose to promote alertness and open airways before a workout.

Add a drop to your tongue to freshen breath.

Apply to forehead to ease occasional head tension.

Diffuse into air to promote clear breathing.


Lemon is a versatile oil that has many cleansing properties and can promote a positive mood.

Lemon’s Uses:

Mix 10 drops of lemon with equal parts vinegar and water and use as household cleaner. Works great on hardwood floors and bathrooms.

Diffuse into air to promote a positive mood and purity the air.

Use a drop of lemon on those sticky price tags and watch them come right off.

Apply lemon directly to a hard surface to remove permanent marker.


Eucalyptus essential oil assists with clear breathing and supports respiratory health.

Eucalyptus’ Uses:

Add a drop or two to the shower floor to promote clear breathing.

Brew eucalyptus and epson salt and soak sore muscles.

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Mix eucalyptus with lemongrass and water to use as a tick repellent.

Diffuse into the air to help with breathing issues.


Cinnamon reminds me of  fresh apple pie baking in the oven. Beyond just smelling wonderful cinnamon actually has healing benefits such as promoting circulation and helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Cinnamon Uses:

Add a drop to the tongue to freshen breath.

Diffuse into air to help improve circulation.

Add a drop to your toothpaste to help promote oral health.

Using essential oils is easy; they can be diffused aromatically, applied topically to the skin, and some therapeutic grade essential oils can even be taken internally! Make your own non-toxic cleaners and soaps while experiencing all the benefits that essential oils have to offer.

Essential oils are very powerful and should be used with care. Be sure to use only therapeutic-grade essential oils and follow all labeled warnings and instructions. Consult your physician before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care.

If you experience sensitivity to an oil never try to rinse with water as this will make it worse. Instead reach for coconut oil or another type of oil you have in your home such as olive oil, sesame seed oil etc. Apply the oil directly to the area for relief. 

Essential oils are a wonderful way to incorporate non-toxic products into your home. Their healing properties allow you to feel good about diffusing into the air and applying to your skin.

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