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Tired of Your Workout Routine? Freshen Things Up with These New Moves

Tired of Your Workout Routine? Freshen Things Up with These New Moves

Maybe working out isn’t at the top of your priority list, so you need to keep things exciting to keep your interest – or maybe you spend more time at the gym than work, but feel like you’ve slide into a rut lately. Either way, changing up your workout is a great way to target different muscle groups, challenge your overall fitness, and keep your mind stimulated. If you’ve been feeling rather uninspired with your workout routine as of late, try these swaps to up the ante and add a little pizzazz to your pushups.

Swap your usual yoga for an aerial edition.

Bending over backwards takes on a whole new meaning when you’re suspended in the air by a couple of scraps of cloth. If you’ve been frustrated with the meditative part of yoga lately or just need a little more distraction to help focus your mind (ha!), strap in and get airborne for this exciting twist on a tried and true practice.

Swap spin class for mountain biking.

There’s no better way to liven up your usual ride than taking it off-road. Trade in the pounding pop music and stationary state for fresh air and more than a few bumps in the road. Mountain biking is a fabulous way to log some extra nature time while staying engaged in the moment as you watch out for the next twist, turn, dip, and bump in the road ahead.

Swap weight training for a boxing class.

You’ll find high-intensity cardio combined with powerful punches when you lose the boring, hefty weights for a blood-pumping, thrilling boxing class. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Rocky without the bloody face and badly bruised body, an exercise-based boxing class is the perfect opportunity to blast “Eye of the Tiger” and yell “ADRIAN!” with no explanation.

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Swap the treadmill for an outdoor excursion.

Sure, it can be really nice to catch up on the latest season of Brooklyn 99 while you’re pounding the not-pavement, but consider opting for a hiking day trip (or running if you’re brave) the next time you want some neat-ure instead of Netflix.

Swap the elliptical for a dance class.

Zumba is a super popular dancing-combined-with-working-out option, but you could even take it a step further and sign up for a specific study of dance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tango in your back pocket for the next wedding dance floor you meet? Or maybe the spiritual power of flamenco will be better motivation than any other exercise you’ve found? Combining learning with movement is a great way to keep your brain busy while you work, and add to your cultural knowledge at the same time.

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