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This Scandi Lifestyle Trend is the Ultimate Road to Relaxation

This Scandi Lifestyle Trend is the Ultimate Road to Relaxation

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Those Scandinavians really know how to kick back and relax, which probably has something to do with why they’re always sweeping the World Happiness ratings. But this time we aren’t talking about Danish hygge or Swedish lagom or even Norwegian koselig: let’s hop one more sea (the Baltic to be exact) to land in finicky, funny Finland.

The wellness trend du jour that we learn by taking a page out of Finland’s book is one called kalsarikänni. (Good luck getting your mouth around that one.) Thankfully, getting your mind around it will prove much simpler. The basic formula goes like this: your favorite drink – your pants = the supreme state of homey comfort.

That’s right, the Fins have made a habit of drinking in their underwear, and in doing so, have basically just given a formal label and concept to something that we kind of already knew was our favorite weeknight activity. They even anglicized a word for us just to be kind: päntsdrunk. Frankly we’re not sure why we ever lived in a world without an exact word to perfectly capture the bliss of sitting at home in your favorite loungewear with a glass of red wine in hand, some salty snacks in reach, and an entire season of your favorite new Netflix series streaming.

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Interested in diving a little deeper into the trend? Finnish journalist Miska Rantanen wrote a whole book on the idea, Päntsdrunk (Kalsarikänni): The Finnish Path to Relaxation, so you can grab yourself a copy and get a little more versed in the wellness trend that you were probably already on board with. And maybe read it with your pants off, for good measure. Just a thought.

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