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This Personal Essential Oil Diffuser Is the New Healthy Smoking Alternative

This Personal Essential Oil Diffuser Is the New Healthy Smoking Alternative

Smoking is bad for you! We’ve known it for a while now, and although the percentage of American adults who smoke has been falling for years, the sudden burst of e-cigarettes into mainstream popularity has medical professionals furrowing their brows. Brands like Juul claim to be safer than traditional cigarettes, but the key addictive ingredient, nicotine, is riding high on this new wave of addiction.

So what are the other options for people feeling the urge to vape, but don’t want to start something they can’t stop with chemicals they don’t understand? Monq thinks they have an answer.


Essential oils are all the rage at the moment; they’re in hand creams, candles, and just plain bottled versions of their pure selves. Beautiful home diffusers are popping up everywhere, allowing users to breathe in their chosen oils in a vaporized form, enhancing the effects of those concentrated oils on our olfactory nerves, and in turn, our states of mind. Now, monq wants to help you take that sensation mobile with their portable essential oil diffusers.

Using vaporizing technology, monq heats the essential oil blend of your choice as you breathe in. The key is to pull the air into your mouth without sucking it all the way into your lungs (it sounds strange, but just takes a little practice to get the hang of), and then breathe the vapor out through your nose so that it runs over all those highly sensitive olfactory nerves. Most people won’t feel the “buzz” that they associate with tobacco, but depending on your sensitivity levels and willingness to lean into the feeling, many users associate specific blends with a rush of emotion or sensation.

So how do you want to feel today? Happy? Sexy? Active? Sleepy? There’s already a specially-curated blend of natural oils designed for just such an occasion.


Maybe you’d prefer to get a little closer to nature instead – the ocean, forest, and mountain diffusers will transport you instantly to your happiest seaside memory, your favorite wooded walk, and the thundering quiet of a mountainous peak.

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Each diffuser is designed to last for about 200 breaths, and monq recommends 2-3 breaths every few hours. With constant use under these guidelines, each diffuser will last for about a month. However, most users find that they need to breathe less often and less deeply than they anticipated for their desired effects, so they end up holding onto each device for longer than they anticipated.

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With 13 different blends designed to enhance your life and help you feel the way you want to, monq is providing a vaporizer with a clear benefit and without the resounding negatives of tobacco use. The oral and tactile fixations that sometimes lead to smoking behavior can be satisfied with a mobile, personal essential oil alternative instead. Smoking cigarettes is STILL bad for you, and the jury (plus literally the FDA) is still out on e-cigs for now. Why not try diffusing some oils instead?

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