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This is the Age When People Are Most Confident About Their Bodies

This is the Age When People Are Most Confident About Their Bodies

When you look back at what your life used to be one, two, maybe five years ago, it’s nice to think that you’ve grown as a person; that any self-doubt or insecurities that may have occasionally taken up space in your thoughts a while back have since been replaced by self-assurance and nothing but the utmost confidence.

But while many may think that your 20’s or 30’s are the time to shine (and be grateful for the fact that your pre-20 days are behind you), research suggests that the age at which you feel the most confident is actually not what you might expect.

According to a survey conducted by Lifetime Daily of more than 1000 Americans, it’s actually people in their 50’s who exhibit signs of being the most body-positive across age groups. So much so, in fact, that 15.3 percent of Americans in their 50’s considered themselves totally body confident, compared to Americans in their 30’s, for example, who were the second highest most body positive at around 12.1 percent.

Lifetime Daily Americans 50+ are the most body positive
Lifetime Daily

What’s especially interesting is that the peak in body positivity in your 50’s doesn’t necessarily come after a consistent increase in positivity over time. Instead, it follows the lowest point in body positivity, which the survey suggested hits in your 40’s.

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So what’s the deal? Well, our best bet is that, following a stretch of age-related stress and anxiety that hits around our 40’s (this might typically be when we start feeling “old,” so to speak), we enter our 50’s with a more carefree attitude. That, in turn, translates into more self-acceptance, self-confidence, and a generally stronger body image. Needless to say, if we’ve got that to look forward to, our 50’s can’t come soon enough.

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