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This is How Many Calories You’d Burn By Working on a Farm

This is How Many Calories You’d Burn By Working on a Farm

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Spending some time on a farm could work wonders on your mood and mental wellness, but getting your hands dirty on a farm – quite literally – could also spell major benefits for your physical health.

It’s hardly news that daily farm chores – feeding cattle, shoveling grain, grooming animals, etc. – require a good amount of physical labor. But what may come as news is that, on average, those chores amount to burning about 500 calories per hour. Not to mention, the especially labor-intensive tasks (think raking, hoeing, and shoveling) demand quite a bit of work from the muscles in your back, legs, and arms, making them especially effective at strengthening your body and keeping you fit.

Granted, there are plenty of elements of working on a farm – here, we mean things like sitting on a tractor for too long or lifting heavy objects in such a way that you’re causing too much stress on your bones and joints – that could have the opposite effect on your wellness. That being said, staying healthy on a farm all comes down to being able to distinguish between the work that’s strengthening your body, and the work that might be breaking it. It also means understanding your own limitations and meaning mindful of things like form (the same way you would when lifting at the gym) as you carry out daily chores.

Once you’ve got all of that down, here’s a look at how some of those everyday farm tasks could burn off some serious calories over time:

Working on a farm infographic

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