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This Autumn Decor Hack Will Make Sure You Keep the Seasonal Blues At Bay This Year

This Autumn Decor Hack Will Make Sure You Keep the Seasonal Blues At Bay This Year

As temperatures drop and days shorten into shadows of their summer selves, humans around the globe start feeling a bit down. Maybe they have Seasonal Affective Disorder, maybe they’re just more bummed out and low energy than usual, but there’s one thing that almost always helps, but that is significantly lacking in the winter months: sunlight.

Altering your home decor to filter in as much natural light as possible is a great way to soak in some extra vitamin D and happy-feels endorphins. Keep the curtains open, add some strategic mirrors, and maybe move that reading nook directly next to a sunny window. The benefits of “daylighting”, as Science Direct has termed the decor trend, include improved overall health, heightened productivity, and even the occasional economic benefit. But for big-city dwellers who may have limited access to sun-filtering skylights, there’s a new design idea that may just do the trick.

New advancements in LED technology allow for hi-tech LED lights to mimic the mood-boosting effects of actual sunlight, according to Arch Daily.

This emerging product field offers a variety of prices and levels of customization, the most expensive of which is nearly indistinguishable from actual sunlight, but will cost upwards of $60k to get your hands on. At a more affordable price point, this option goes for just $230 and allows the user to adjust the color temperature of their cloudy blue sky. So if you need to be super productive early in the day, crank the lights up. When it’s time for dinner later, tone things down to a moody, cozy level and let your brain begin to turn off.

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