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These Products Will Help You Survive Allergy Season

These Products Will Help You Survive Allergy Season

Ahh, there’s something in the air these days . (Pollen. It’s pollen, and it’s making allergy-sufferers everywhere absolutely miserable.) Thankfully, all those miserable people have inspired a huge number of products to help tackle the sniffles, the sneezes, and all the other runny stuff in between. Here are the best products to get you through allergy season without spending all your time hiding indoors.

Wash it off.

One of the best ways to spend as little time rubbed up against your microscopic attackers is to shower as soon as you get home, and wash off anything you might have picked up outside. Choose an uber-soothing hypoallergenic body wash to cover all your bases, and make sure to scrub behind your ears.

You made your bed, now lay in it.

After you’re all cleaned off, you’ll want to be sure the fabric you’re tossing and turning in all night is, too. Dust mites and general debris can really stick around in your bed things, so go on the defensive by padding your armor with hypoallergenic pillow protectors and a Claritin-branded allergen barrier comforter. Your dreams will be a lot sweeter and way less sneezy.

The nose knows.

Take care of that sniffly guy on the front of your face. We know he’s causing a lot of problems right now but honestly he’s under a lot of stress and is just doing his best to keep your body clear of potential attackers. After you thank him, pick up some ultra luxe tissues imbued with Vicks and lotion to keep from scraping your own skin off with crappy single-ply toilet paper. Looking for a fresh start? Try a neti pot on for size and rinse all your troubles right out of your nostrils.

Clear the air – literally.

Keeping the space you eat, sleep, and live in super tidy can significantly reduce your exposure to allergens, therefore improving your symptoms to the extent of your control. Switch out your air filters with allergen-approved editions to keep the outside, well, outside. If you really wanna invest in the quality of your air, pick up a Molekule so the air around you is crystal clear, and so are your sinuses.

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When it doubt, block it out.

Even if you’re not willing to don the mask in public, throwing up some kind of shield between you and all the dust in your house when you’re cleaning can significantly reduce your allergy onset afterward. And since keeping a clean house is such an important part of reducing symptoms, we’ll be popping one of these bad boys on every time a single speck of dust falls.

Clear eyes, full heart, can’t sneeze.

Knock out those itchy, red, nightmares called your eyeballs with a few drops of maximum strength Visine, and you’ll be seeing a brighter, pollen-free future in no time.

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