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These Products Will Help You Stick to Your Resolutions Well After January

These Products Will Help You Stick to Your Resolutions Well After January

For many of us, the fact that February is right around the corner means that we’ve already fallen off the bandwagon as far as resolutions go. (For those of you still going strong, you’re stars, well done.) But whether you’re finding yourself needing to restart your efforts going into February or just in need of a little something to keep your momentum on track, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products that make sticking to and achieving your 2019 goals a total cinch. (Okay, not a total cinch, but at least somewhat easier.)

Resolution: Exercise more.

Product: QardioBase 2 Smart Scale, $150

When it comes to sticking to your exercise goals, one of the biggest components is seeing progress to help keep you motivated. Snag a scale that not only gives you an accurate weight reading, but breaks down different body metrics, including water weight, muscle mass, and fat percentage. This way, you can keep track of the numbers that matter beyond just the lbs., which may not always mean a ton as far as progress goes.

Resolution: Eat clean.

Product:Cooking in Color” Cookbook, $26

Eating right is a lot easier when you’re making your meals yourself. And making your meals yourself is a lot easier when you’ve got a trusty book of go-to recipes to act as your guide in the kitchen.

Resolution: Upgrade your beauty routine.

Product: WellPath RENEW, $24

With all of the usual wellness resolutions, one that often gets missed in the mix is prioritizing your beauty routine. Whether it’s committing to weekly masking or making it a point to moisturize more consistently, there’s plenty you can do to bring your beauty routine into 2019. A top tip: adding this essential multi collagen protein powder to your routine, which will have your skin looking young, fresh, and better than ever.

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Resolution: Be more productive.

Product: Milligram Studio Agenda, $30

Every new year brings with it a clean slate, and there’s no better opportunity to get your workflow organized and your productivity optimized than the clean slate. To help you keep it all on track, grab yourself a stylish planner and see how easily writing everything on your plate down can help you out.

Resolution: Drink more water.

Product: Asobu Insulated Water Bottle, $20

While hydrating may seem like something of a silly resolution when compared to some of the bigger things to tackle on the list, the fact that so many of us often do find ourselves drinking less water in a day than we ought to means that it does in fact make for a pretty valuable resolution, silly or not. To help you achieve it, get yourself a swanky little water bottle to tote around with you on the regular. Better yet, get one that you can easily infuse with fruit so that hydration suddenly becomes a little more interesting.

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