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These Products Will Help You Deal With Chronic Stress

These Products Will Help You Deal With Chronic Stress

We may not be following wild animals across the tundra for food anymore, but modern life comes with its own kinds of seriously stressful situations. The busy-ness of our daily lives can keep our cortisol levels elevated for extended periods of time, leaving us stressed out, burned out, and put out. These products can help leach away some of the stress of our daily lives, leading to a generally happier and healthier version of ourselves. Sometimes you just need a little help getting out of your head and into a calmer state of being.

Adult Coloring Book

Feel free to go outside the lines if you want, but taking some time for guided creativity is a great way to lose yourself in the moment and the background music, make something pretty, and feel like you’ve been productive at the same time. We suggest a glass of heart-healthy red wine to go nicely with the light swearing.
WellPath Soothe, $16

Adrenal Supplements

Your adrenal system does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to stress management, so keeping everything running in tip-top conditions will help your body maintain calm when things go wonky. Supplements like Wellpath Soothe are super easy to add into your daily routine to ensure that your adrenals are in good condition and functioning smoothly to help your body manage stress as best it can.
Kikkerland Scalp Massager, $8

Scalp Massager

You know how great it feels when someone plays with your hair? This is better, especially for anyone prone to itchy scalps (hello winter, you are not our friend!). A scalp massager helps scratch the day’s worries away and lets you relax into your evening and leave stress at the office door.
Headspace, $13 monthly

Meditation Apps

Meditation has never been more accessible than it is now, sitting right in the chunk of glass in your pocket that you’re already checking constantly. Apps like Headspace help guide the user through whatever length of meditation they choose, and can help the seriously stressed folks out there calm all the way down within just a few minutes. Think of meditation as helping you organize your mind rather than silencing it, and you’ll be able to wade through hectic waters with more clarity and ease.


Since we know your nose is heavily connected to your brain, it’s time to get some smells working in your favor. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies out there that have tapped into the powers of smell with entire lines of products – think candles, body lotions, sanitizers, and more – that aid in relaxation and stress reduction through soothing scents. This luxurious pillow spray from Bath and Body Works’ own line of scent therapy products tackles scent-based relaxation with hints of eucalyptus and spearmint to calm your nose and your nerves. Adding in a dose of aromatherapy to your shower routine helps you practice relaxing self-care on a daily basis.
Weighted blanket
Quility Weighted Blanket, $140

Weighted Blanket

Users often compare lying under a weighted blanket to being in a full body embrace, and that’s usually what we need when we’re feeling like we’re at the end of our rope. Just like your dog is comforted by his thunder shirt when things get rocky with the rain, a weighted blanket will help make you feel relaxed – weighted blankets have been shown to lower stress by reducing nervous system activity, promote relaxation thanks to touch pressure, and reduce anxiety overall – when your stress levels are through the roof.
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