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These Products Will Help You Achieve a Total Body Detox

These Products Will Help You Achieve a Total Body Detox

We’ve all tried our hands at detoxing through a juice cleanse or maybe a quick little session at the sauna. But just because you’re taking on the supposedly hefty task of ridding your body of unwanted toxins – the horror, the horror – that doesn’t mean that you have to take on some hefty measures to do it. In fact, a total body detox can be as simple as adding some healthy products to your regular wellness regimen. Here are a few of our favorites:


WellPath RENEW Multi Collagen Protein Powder$25

Okay, we already know that we’re fans of collagen for the laundry list of anti-aging benefits that we get by adding it to our nutritional regimen. (More collagen means more skin elasticity, a brighter complexion, and fewer wrinkles, just to name a few perks.) But when you move past the barely-there signs of aging on your skin, collagen also boasts a few other key payoffs, including some major detox power. Basically, the glycine in collagen helps to keep your liver in good shape, which in turn translates to keeping your body’s ability to flush toxins out of your system.

Herbivore Botanicals Detox Soaking Salts$18

Any wellness tip that calls for soaking in the tub for a bit after a long day is one that we don’t need a whole lot of convincing to get behind. Even so, here’s a bit of convincing anyway: these detoxing bath salts from Herbivore Botanicals have ingredients like Cambrian blue clay, which draws impurities out from within your skin; lavender, to calm and soothe you; and cleansing Pacific sea salts, which are extracted straight from the saline- and mineral-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean. Okay, we thought the plain old bath sounded relaxing enough, but we’re definitely down for an added boost.


Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea Bags$17

We’re all about winding down with a nice cup of tea after a long day. Now, pair that with a cup of tea that also boasts major beauty benefits and keeps your skin looking its best by ridding your body of toxins, and you know we’re sold. This skin-boosting blend is packed with some of the best detoxifying ingredients – think green tea and dandelion root, for example – and is flavored with just a hint of grapefruit for a sweet and fruity flavor that makes it surprisingly pleasant to get your detox on.

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Dirty Lemon Daily Detox Drink$45

Still on the fence about that whole charcoal thing? Well, if there’s anything that’s going to convince you to try out the trend, let it be Dirty Lemon’s Daily Detox drink with charcoal. The detoxifying elixir, as the brand calls it, is infused with ingredients like lemon juice, ginger puree, dandelion root, and – obviously – activated charcoal. The blend of ingredients works to boost digestion and cleanse your body from toxins and impurities while stimulating your liver.

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