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These Products Will Help Declutter Your Mind

These Products Will Help Declutter Your Mind

With all this talk of cleaning out and tidying up, our homes are looking spicker and spanner than ever, but there’s one area that’s getting left behind in this urge to purge: our minds. Organizing your mental flow can be difficult, but mental health and general wellness have come a long way in recent years, and thankfully some new helpful products have come with them. Here are some tools to help you get mentally organized, calm, and at the top of your focus game.
Calm meditation app
Calm Meditation App, $60 for 12-month subscription

Get into the habit of meditating.

Meditation is key to slowing down your mental flow and organizing information, which helps you stay sharper and on top of your game without spiking anxiety hormone levels and staying constantly stressed. Calm will help you chill out, and might even tuck you in at night (if you ask nicely).
WellPath MIND, $16 (plus special discount for Path readers)

Try a nutritional supplement.

Are you also living in a sticky-note covered world where you still forget what’s on your to-do list and feel like you can’t even escape the whirlwind for a moment to just focus!? MIND uses premium ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Ginkgo Biloba, and L-Theanine to help you pay attention to what’s important and build up a better brain over time.

Try using a bullet journal.

Whether you want to habit track with a bullet journal, scribble out all your feelings starting with ‘dear diary’, or just need a place for a good old fashioned brain dump, a journal is a great resource for emptying your head while holding onto information.

Use an actual planner.

Using a planner is NOT the same thing as keeping a journal. Even though there are tons of great calendar apps out there that can be super useful, there’s just something about holding it all in your hands and flipping through the pages that still feels special. The most organized people in the world swear by Bestself’s SELF Journal, which is actually oriented towards achieving bigger goals and project planning. You’ll feel so much better when all that disorganization in your head is laid out in front of you (and also, it’s pretty!)

Take some yoga classes.

For some guided meditation that gets into your mind, body, and soul, try out some different yoga classes to see what fits your style. Lean away from fitness-style classes to get a more meditation and mindful approach, and then really lean in to the practice.

Get some words of wisdom.

If you’re looking to commit some real time and energy to the learning aspect of decluttering, picking up a copy of this book (and you know, actually reading it) will help you level up your cleansing game.
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