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These Fashion and Beauty Brands are Giving Back During the Coronavirus Outbreak

These Fashion and Beauty Brands are Giving Back During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Day and night, nurses and doctors put their lives at risk to heal COVID-19 patients. Supplies are low, safety measures are difficult to implement, and working conditions are near zero; despite it all, medical workers aren’t giving up. To honor their relentless effort and support their needs, many brands and fashion designers are combining their resources to give back. From high-end luxury labels like Dior to go-to affordable ones like Crocs, all types of businesses are pitching in — here’s what they’re up to and how you can get involved.

Beauty United

BeautyCon launched BeautyUnited — an organization formed by 40 beauty brands — to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers and collect funds to relieve general COVID-19 efforts.

How can you help? The group is raising money through the Frontline Responders Fund via GoFundMe. They’ve raised over six million dollars — only four more to go to reach their goal. Donate to help them save lives!


The parent company to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy announced it would dedicate its perfumes and cosmetic division to the production of hand sanitizing gels. Since then, they’ve donated over 75 metric tons of hydroalcoholic gel to 39 public hospitals in Paris.

How can you help? If possible, make your own hand sanitizer — commercial ones are low in stock and should be reserved for medical staff.


L’Oreal is producing and donating hand sanitizer to European health authorities, hospitals, and partner pharmacies. The legendary cosmetics brand is also donating one million euros to its partner non-profit organizations, helping the disadvantaged throughout these difficult times.

How can you help? Tend to poor communities in greater need of attention and care by donating to The Center for Global Development. This organization is focused on developing policy advice for middle to low income countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since March 26th 2020, Crocs has been donating 10,000 shoes a day to medical workers in the U.S. The company has received over 400,000 requests and will commit to fulfill orders until storage stocks out.


In France, Dior is manufacturing face masks to help non-medical essential workers like vendors, public transportation drivers, construction workers, etc. to fight COVID-19 on the job.

How can you help? Play your part by wearing gloves and face masks when in public (as recommended by the CDC).


Italian footwear Brand AGL is donating 30% of online sales to support medical staff in Italy.

How can you help? Thinking of ordering a new pair of shoes? Take a peek at their product offerings. You might love an item, purchase it, and help a good cause.


The Swedish fashion brand H&M donated $500,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. H&M also temporarily handed over their social media channels to the Global Aid Organization to better spread health and safety messages to the public. 

How can you help? Just like H&M, you can donate to the Solidarity Response Fund — even if you only have one dollar to spare, it’s worth it! Looking to get even more involved? Don’t hesitate to share safety measures on your social media.


KkCo, the L.A.-based apparel brand, is donating 10% of its online sales to No Kid Hungry, an organization that provides meals to children who depended on school for food.

How can you help? KkCo is offering 25% off sitewide to incentivize small purchases and donations. Love their tops? Cop one for the kids!

Chiara Ferragni

Italian Fashion influencer and brand owner, Chiara Ferragni, donated $105,000 to Milan’s San Raffaele hospital via GoFundMe. After sharing the donation link with her fans, donations boomed to an approximate total of $4,000,000. 

How can you help? Just like Ferragni’s fans, you can donate for a healthier tomorrow. 


Bulgari made a donation to the Istituto Lazzaro Spallanzani, a research institute retrieving the necessary funds to purchase a microscopic image acquisition system meant to help prevent the virus from spreading. 

How you can help? Donate to a research center near you. John Hopkins Center for Health Security, one of the most influential sources of information and analysis throughout the crisis, is taking donations for bio security research — it’s a great place to start!

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