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These Are the Best Products for Fighting Bad Breath

These Are the Best Products for Fighting Bad Breath

Poof! Be gone! Your breath is really strong! Not to be rude, but you could really use some mouth wash (and, like, not a sip, not a swallow, but maybe the whole dang bottle…). If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to deal with the smelly aftermath of an onion-ridden salad or a (really, really good, though) garlic bagel, fret not, because we’ve got your back. Here are the best products for keeping that stank out of your daily conversations. Electric Toothbrush This might seem obvious, but bad breath starts (and ends) with good dental hygiene. Purchasing a high-quality electric toothbrush that gets all that grime out every time is definitely worth the investment, as long as you’re also using it twice a day like a good, clean human.
Cocofloss Single Floss, $9
Floss Despite all the memes about your dentist hacking into your gums and telling you the bloodbath is from lack of flossing, these handy little stringy guys are actually a key ingredient in fighting off bad breath. It’s pretty easy to see how that piece of onion stuck between your teeth for the last week isn’t helping the breath situation, but you can even pick out fun flavors like strawberry, orange, and coconut.
The Tongue Cleaner Tongue Scraper, $6
Tongue Scraper Because you definitely need another funky-looking device sharing space in your toothbrush holder, pick up a tongue scraper and get used to scraping the day away before you turn in for the night, and then pull off all that night goo before work in the morning. Our tongues are a breeding ground for bacteria, but they also tend to get a little overlooked during brushing, so having a dedicated device for cleaning off those bouncing buds is a big step up in your hygiene routine.
TheraBreath Dry Mouth Oral Rinse, $16
Mouthwash This one might seem like another “duh!”, but there’s a key ingredient, or lack thereof, that makes mouthwash effective at taming bad breath: alcohol. Alcohol-based rinses tend to dry out your mouth, making it harder for your saliva to break down food particles and keep things nice and rinsed out. Opt for a pro-saliva, alcohol-free rinse instead, one that stimulates saliva production to keep your breath fresh alllll day.
Tea Tree Therapy Tea Tree and Menthol Toothpicks, $5
Toothpicks When in doubt, toss a pack of tea tree oil-coated toothpicks in your bag to help you freshen up on the go and take care of that oral fixation while you’re at it. Just maybe don’t start saying “Howdy, folks” with a toothpick on your lip when you enter that afternoon meeting.
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