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These 4th of July Picnic Games Totally Count as a Workout

These 4th of July Picnic Games Totally Count as a Workout

We’re big fans of a good Fourth of July bash, especially because this day of nonstop celebration provides a ton of room to stay healthy and active. Whether you celebrate the birth of America with a barbecue in the backyard or a picnic on the beach, it’s totally simple to squeeze a workout into your regular day. Whatever your plans are, suggest taking up one of these five picnic games to help keep you and the crew moving all day.

For the Backyard Family Barbecue

If your clan is the competitive sort, put their squabbling to productive use: set up a fun, low-budget obstacle course that your whole family can play in teams! Spouses, siblings, and kids can go head-to-head marching, running, dribbling balls, shooting hoops — whatever strikes your fancy, and with whatever objects you may have lying around.

For the Lakeside or Poolside Celebration

If swimming is a guaranteed part of your Fourth celebration, make use of it: play some water-based games with your friends and family. Just initiating a simple game of catch or Marco Polo in the water boosts the energy of your party — and proves to be a great workout.

For the Beach Bash

Strip down to your swimsuits and play a game of beach volleyball with your pals. You’ll be sure to get the collective spirit going, and the resistance of running against sand makes for good cardio. No volleyball courts in sight? You can also just bring along supplies for a good game of paddleball. Fewer requirements, but just as much of a workout thanks to that sand-based running and jumping.

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For the Woodsy Party

If your Independence Day picnic is in a rural locale, take advantage of your woodsy surroundings. Before or after your meal, split into teams, draw boundaries, and play a tactical game of Capture the Flag.

For the City Park Picnic

Make the most of whatever amount of green space your city might have by packing a frisbee in your picnic basket. This makes for a fun, high-energy game for you and your friends while giving you a chance to do something a little more outdoorsy and active than you might get around to in your usual city life. One thing to keep in mind: park frisbee can get a little risky with other park-goers nearby, so just be sure to secure a big enough space to enjoy the game safely.

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