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The Surprising Benefits of Why You Should Go to the Gym in the Morning + Night

The Surprising Benefits of Why You Should Go to the Gym in the Morning + Night

Transforming any part of your daily routine is a struggle, but working out should be a priority in your life, not dependent on your mood or time of day. As humans, we’re creatures of habit, and being a morning or night person can have a major impact on your workout routine. Fortunately, there are surprising benefits to why you should go to the gym based on a certain time of day, such as better sleep and muscle recovery. Switch up when you exercise and we guarantee you’ll unexpectedly find yourself enjoying the change.

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If you normally workout at night, exercising in the morning might seem like a daunting task. You have to fit in going to the gym, showering after a tough workout, and still leave time for your commute. Yet waking up a couple hours early will actually improve your energy levels and boost your mood for the rest of the day, enabling you to be more productive. Not only that, but the gym will be empty, so you can follow your high-volume training system without worrying about crowding the weights. This will also take advantage of the elevated testosterone levels in your body, which peak in early AM hours. Moreover, if you start your workout early enough in the summer, you’ll be lucky enough to see the sunrise. With all these benefits and your metabolic rate quickly boosted by your morning workout, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face your 9-to-5.

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While your afternoon is usually reserved for lunch and sitting at your desk, working out can help improve your body’s peak performance. According to Christopher Colwell at UCLA’s Brain Research Institute, exercise can chronically impact the body’s internal clock and circadian rhythms. Chances are, as an average human being, your biological rhythms are messed up by sleeping troubles or an inconsistent sleep schedule. Afternoon workouts serve to remedy this, as exercising in the middle of the day pumps more protein effectively through the body. The elevated flow of protein is associated with improvements to hair, skin and nail strength. It builds and repairs your tissue, making an afternoon workout an ideal fit for you if you’re struggling to stick to a constant bedtime and need muscle recovery.

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If you’re an early riser, try being a night owl for the change. Not only will exercising later help tire you out, it’ll relax your muscles so you can fall asleep faster. It will also help if you’re into high-intensity workouts that require working out for long periods of time, since at night, you can go right to sleep to rest your muscles. This promotes immediate bodily recovery and boosts your metabolic levels to improve your overall health. However, if you’re still struggling to fall asleep, try an all-natural sleep drink, with ingredients that combine to increase drowsiness.

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Whichever time you choose to workout, there’s value in transforming your daily ritual—you never know how much you’ll enjoy it until you try it. Whether you work out morning, afternoon or night, know there are countless benefits associated with each different time. You can elevate your metabolic rate, increase your protein levels or take advantage of an empty gym—the possibilities are endless.


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