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The IT Girl’s Workout Outfit

The IT Girl’s Workout Outfit

Look and feel good with these awesome workout items. Elevate your gym game with any of these amazing options. Check them out!


Aiko Leggings

These leggings are a stylish and functional addition to any wardrobe. With a unique crane print design, they ensure you’ll be turning heads wherever you wear them. Made specifically for yoga, their moisture wicking fabric will help you stay comfortable and energetic at all times.

Aiko Leggings, $105


Good Vibes Dorm Pants

Just looking at these sweatpants makes us feel comfier. Perfect for the gym or just lounging at home, these sweats by Spiritual Gangster are not too baggy and complement just about any groutfit. Trust us, these are the ideal outer layer in those super cold winter months.

Good Vibes Dorm Pants, $108


Olympia Knot Bra

When picking out a bra for the gym, sometimes we are forced to sacrifice looks for comfort. That is absolutely not the case with the Olympia Knot Bra. This ultra-stylish look, adapted from styles commonly worn by ballet dancers, combines functionality with a sense of absolute elegance. Try wearing it around the house or at the gym to see how it can make you look and feel better.

Olympia Knot Bra, $80



Good Vibes Teespring Tee

Post-workout gear can be almost as important as the workout gear itself. When it’s cold out, there is nothing worse than walking out sweaty and freezing up. Pick up this cute and simple sweater to protect you from the elements and still look great as you leave the gym and head home or wherever your day takes you!

Good Vibes Sweatshirt, $33.99



These Reebok workout shoes are absolutely next level. With shock and energy absorbing foam bottoms, they distribute the stress of impact evenly throughout, leaving your whole body feeling better. The patented zig platform will have your ankles and knees thanking you for days to come. They also provide excellent support with a mesh frame. Best of all they look great and won’t ruin any cute gym outfit.

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Zigtech Squared 2.0, $69.99


Reebok Dance Strappy Bra

Another bra inspired by the world of dance, this bra provides excellent support, all in a light and attractive design. With a stunning strap design, you’ll make sure everyone notices how good you look crushing sets or running on the treadmill. Speedwick tech will keep you dry and comfortable from the moment you put this bra on. Pick one up to see just how truly amazing it is.

Dance Strappy Bra, $50


Stella McCartney Mesh Tee

Gym wear that can easily transition to leisure wear is all the rage these days. There is perhaps no better example of that trend than the Stella McCartney collaboration with Adidas. One of our favorite items from the collection, this mesh-trimmed t-shirt, is a trendy addition to your closet. With an eye-catching design, it was created to flow seamlessly from gym to street. While the versatility of this shirt is definitely its most appealing element, it is still a comfortable choice to wear.

Mesh Tee, $19

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