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The Foods with the Highest Water Content to Keep You Super Hydrated

The Foods with the Highest Water Content to Keep You Super Hydrated

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It should go without saying that during the summer, you need to stay hydrated so that your brain and body can stay functioning and active during the sweltering days. But hydration isn’t just limited to getting your eight cups a day and carrying a trusty water bottle around. You should also be aware of how your meals and eating habits affect your water levels. Snacks high in sodium, for instance, can suck moisture from your body and render you extra thirsty. However, there are some delicious foods out there with a high water content, which can help your body out in its quest for hydration this season. We’ve rounded up five foods that have a super-high water content, which we love the most in the summertime.


In addition to being everyone’s favorite summertime snack — since it’s in season, aplenty, and makes an ideal, refreshing post-barbecue dessert — watermelon is extremely hydrating. Every bite of this yummy fruit is about 92 percent water! And even though it tastes super sweet, watermelon contains almost no carbs compared to other fruits, so feel free to crunch into as many slices as you want.

Iceberg or Romaine Lettuce

Summertime salads never looked so good. While many health nuts espouse greener leaves than iceberg or romaine, those two tasty varieties of lettuce are among the best for hydration. While lettuce is known to be largely comprised of fiber, these two common kinds are actually almost entirely water, so stay hydrated by making them the base of your lunch.


If you ask us, there’s nothing more delicious than a perfect tomato in the summer, and the 95% water content of a raw tomato is just the icing on the cake. These beloved summertime meal ingredients are at full flavor when they’re harvested in the summer, and they go great with light cheeses and other veggies for a water-heavy snack at any hour.

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This family of fruits, from plump blueberries to juicy strawberries, contains huge proportions — generally over 85% — of moisture. And what’s more summery than berries? Delicious in crafted cocktails or sangria, frozen or puréed, or simply rinsed for snacking on, berries are among the most versatile summertime fruits.


You knew this one was coming. Each bite of a yummy cucumber just tastes like you’re hydrating yourself — probably because they’re over 95% water. Their subtle, not-too-sweet taste makes them ideal for chopping into a sunny-day gazpacho or salad, allowing you to sneak hydration into every bite of your summer meal.

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