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The Connection Between Your Gut Health & Your Mood

The Connection Between Your Gut Health & Your Mood

Often referred to as your body’s second brain, your gut is an extremely important aspect of your overall well-being. A majority of people who do not have a health-related background would probably assume that gut bacteria is a negative thing. But that is all wrong.

What is gut bacteria?

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Gut bacteria acts as a defense against harmful things that enter your body every day. Every single day, pathogens enter our guts without us even realizing the potential harm we are causing our bodies. A PaleoLeap article explained how often we test the strength of our gut bacteria in a brilliant way:

“Have you ever touched something dirty (like your phone or your keyboard) and then cooked or put your hands around your mouth? … Then you’ve probably introduced some kind of pathogen to your gut, and if you didn’t get sick from it, you have your gut flora to thank.”

So how does it all work? These small microbes in your gut help aid and influence your digestion, metabolism, and even allergies.

How does gut bacteria affect my mood?

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Dr. Emeran Mayer, author of The Mind-Gut Connection, explains in his book,

“People have written some very speculative and provocative review articles about how microbes might regulate human emotions. What I have tried to do is be critical and extract what we know so far and speculate about what this could imply.”

Research has shown that these small micro-organisms, found within your gut secrete, demonstrate a profound amount of chemicals; some with the same substances used by your neurons to regulate your mood. The chemicals found within these micro-organisms aid in the function of intestinal disorders that coincide with high levels of depression and anxiety.

For over thirty years, Dr. Mark Lyte studied the relationship between gut bacteria and the brain. His research has made by leaps and bounds in science regarding the understanding between the connection of our guts and minds.

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How to improve your gut health

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So do you want to help improve your gut health in order to help with your moods and emotions? There are a few simple ways to aid your gut bacteria: cut out sugar and processed foods, try fermented foods, limit stress (we know, it is hard), eat more plants and dietary fiber, and work on your sleep schedule- the more sleep, the better!

Over 70% of your immune system is located in your gut. Strengthen your immune system this season by staying healthy through proper nutrition. Find out which supplements are best for you by taking a free consultation here.


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