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The Best Food Delivery Services for a Healthy Life

The Best Food Delivery Services for a Healthy Life

It’s okay to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we get home from a long day and the last thing we want to do is hunt through our fridges and pantries to throw together a nutritious and filling meal. Grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking can take up time that a lot of us just don’t have. It can be really difficult to balance a wholesome lifestyle with a busy schedule. Thankfully, a variety of meal services have recently started up that aim to provide quick and healthy dishes to those who don’t have the time or know how to make them. We took a look at some of these food services to see if any of them might be worth adding to your mealtime routine.

Blue Apron

This subscription meal service provides ingredients and recipes straight to your home. Users can choose from different subscription sizes, based on how many meals they would like to receive each week. The meals roughly work out to $10 per person for each meal. Blue Apron is great for those who love to cook but don’t have the time to pick out ingredients and create specialty dishes. Their rotating menu features new and exciting dishes each week, with easy-to-follow recipe cards including ste-by-step instructions that will have you whipping up delicious meals in no time!


Plated is another meal subscription service that aims to provide users with easy to make meals without the hassle of grocery shopping or planning. Plated allows users to subscribe to different numbers of meals per week, with a minimum of 4. Each plate costs roughly $10-$12 for the standard dishes. Plated is different from other subscription services in that it offers users a higher degree of choice for what meals they would like to receive. It offers nine meal choices per week, including gluten-free and low-calorie options. It’s a great choice if you’re a picky eater or want some more variety in your meals.


Munchery is a food delivery service that was founded in San Francisco and has since been rolled out in Seattle, Los Angeles, and the New York City area. Munchery delivers meals that are precooked and prepared by restaurant quality chefs. It delivers food cold, so that customers can finish the process themselves in their own ovens or microwaves. Munchery prepares really tasty and healthy meals, so it’s a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of time for lunch or dinner but still want something a cut above takeout.

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Hello Fresh

This is another subscription meal service that offers users a choice of 5 meals per week and then delivers ingredients and recipes with step-by-step instructions. Hello Fresh curates their menus by theme, offering users the chance to explore different cultures and cuisines. It also emphasizes in-season and fresh produce to give their meals just that extra oomph of flavor. Hello Fresh is a really convenient option for those who don’t have the time to make it out the farmer’s market every weekend.


Let’s face it, snack time can be a healthy eater’s worst nightmare. But Graze is here to relieve those afternoon cravings in a nutritious way.  Graze offers boxes of snacks that are designed based on individual taste preferences and health concerns. They have over 100 different types of snacks, which leads to a lot of different combinations for users. This is a great and healthy alternative to that 3:30 afternoon cookie which we all crave.



Michael Weinberg is a writer on The Path Editorial Team.  He is a graduate of Tufts University.  He is interested in how nutrition affects athletic performance and competes in triathlons and obstacle runs. 

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