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The 6 Essential Pieces of Boxing Gear

The 6 Essential Pieces of Boxing Gear

Here at The Path we’re big fans of how fashion and fitness continue to converge. Wearable gear is more technically advanced as well as more flattering than ever before.  Here’s a few of our favorite luxe picks on how to look good inside, and out, of the ring.

T h e   C l a s s i c

Everlast Men’s Classic Sweatshirt

There is something to be said for the classics. Everlast is definitely the brand most associated with boxing as its gear and been adorning the greatest fighters over much of the past century, from Rocky Marciano to Mohammad Ali. The iconic sweatshirt has been a staple of the brand throughout. Don it during those cold walks to the gym at those painfully early hours and channel your inner Ali. ($40,

T h e   N e w

7/8 Leggings by Adidas Stellasport

We’re huge fans of the latest collection of Stella McCartney for Adidas. Combining the best of Adidas’ high performance technology with
Stella McCartney’s English flair and stylish eye for silhouettes and color patterns,
these leggings make a statement.  If your furious hand speed
isn’t enough to slow down your opponent, maybe they’ll be distracted by your
style. ($75,

T h e    A r t i s a n a l

The Killspencer Boxing Speed Bag

Made to order in their Los Angeles workshop, this speed bag
uses multiple panels of leather, hand-sewn and finished with waxed linen
lacing. It’s the ultimate combination of form and function when it comes to
boxing gear, and with its sleek, minimalist design, it would look right in any contemporary home gym or even office. If you’re looking for an entire kit, Killspencer can craft one
that features a welded steel pyramid frame, powder-coated black walnut ply disc
and premium steel swivel upon which to mount the bag. ($225 for the bag, $1,245
for the full kit,

T h e   M o d e s t   L u x u r y

See Also

Alexander Wang Boxing Gloves

The Alexander Wang gloves are 12 oz. of luxury and are probably not appropriate for anything more than some pad work, but you’ll certainly look good doing it! Still, these high quality bag gloves are made with a supple cowhide leather alongside intricate stitching which make them a good combination of luxury and utility.  ($400,

T h e   E x t r a v a g a n t   L u x u r y

Louis Vuitton Punching Bag

This final item is for the truly extravagant.  Karl Lagerfeld recently designed a series of boxing equipment for Louis Vuitton’s special anniversary collection.  The collection includes a leather punching bag that features the fashion house’s classic monogram logos.  The punching bag retails at $4,400, but on the bright side, it’s not the most expensive part of the collection; there is a punching trunk that retails for $175,000. ($4,400,


Even with the best boxing gear you still need the right nutrition to achieve your goals. Learn more about WellPath’s customized nutritional solutions here.

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