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The 5 Essential Pieces of Vacation Gear

The 5 Essential Pieces of Vacation Gear

Before you head off on vacation you need arm yourself properly. That means reading material, summer footwear, beach gear, sunglasses, ample sunblock and plenty of refreshments (amongst plenty of other things). The task can be daunting but fear not, we’re here to help.  Here are the five mainstays you’ll find with The Path team as we depart on our summer retreats.


1. The SUPERLATIVE Magazine

The Escapist, Monocle

Monocle has long had a small yet incredibly devout readership base. The magazine, which covers global affairs, high-end lifestyle, fashion and just about everything else has never pigeonholed itself into being easily defined. It’s no surprise that they’ve grown to have a radio station alongside stores and cafes across many of the world’s great metropolises. The Escapist is their summer magazine, with an increased focus on travel – the best restaurants, hotels and fashion to be found in the major global destinations. The book itself is beautiful, full of inspiring photography on heavy stock paper that carries a certain amount of heft to it that ensures it stands apart from the other beach reads.


2. The WINNING Beach Bag

The Reece Tote, Saturdays Surf NYC

Inevitably, you’ll need something to put everything in to get from your hotel or car to the beach. All the perfect reading material in the world will not do you much good otherwise. You can’t get much better than the Reece Tote by Saturdays – this hipper-than-thou New York based brand has managed to capture the ethos of the surf community with its irreverent designs and laid-back style. The Reece Tote is designed with a durable cotton canvas
and leather handles that will withstand plenty of wear and tear. Unlike many beach totes, the Reece has several exterior pockets for putting your more valuable belongings so they don’t end up getting lost in the shuffle of that ever expanding list of miscellaneous goods you’re carting down to the beach.



3. The NOT-SO-Guilty Beach Read

A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman

Brian Grazer, yes, that
Brian Grazer, has written a book that is equal parts a memoir and an investigation of how curiosity can unlock a path to a happier and more fulfilling life. The stories of his early days in Hollywood are entertaining enough to make the book an ideal summer page-turner all the while being instructive and inspirational. The central premise, that curiosity is an essential character trait of successful individuals but unfortunately one that societally we do not celebrate nearly enough is compelling and while it is not perhaps entirely unintuitive it is nonetheless a story well-told and a message worth spreading.


4. The DEBONAIR Men’s Swimsuit (THAT james bond wears)

Bulldog Mid Length Swim Shorts, Orlebar Brown

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Group of people swimming in the ocean

These supremely short trunks have become a staple of men’s beachside fashion over the past several summers. We never understood just how poorly most men’s swimwear fit until trying on a pair of these. Taking tailoring more commonly associated with luxury menswear brands to swimwear, these shorts effortlessly make the move from beach to restaurant and back again, providing that sort of valued versatility that you look for in your vacation wardrobe.

5. The effortlessly cool Sunglasses

Persol Steve McQueen Special Edition

Persol wisely realized that there was some unmined magic remaining in their best-selling 714 edition sunglasses, the ones popularized by Steve McQueen as an icon of effortless cool. Digging back into the archives, their craftsmen revisited some of what made the original shades worn by the actor so special and decided to release a special edition dedicated to the man himself, bringing back some of the details that had been lost over the years as the 714’s have continued to evolve. This means all the pieces that are so evocative of that era that have long since been out of production – blue lenses, a folding
system, a double arrow – all have made their way back into this special edition. Don a pair and channel a bit of the late, great actors je ne sais

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