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The 5 Essential Fitness Items to Pack For Your Next Getaway

The 5 Essential Fitness Items to Pack For Your Next Getaway

1. The Blizzard Jump Rope

blizzard jumprope

A jump rope takes up almost no space in your bag and provides as good of a cardiovascular workout as you could ask for. The Blizzard, which is weighted, provides significant benefits beyond just the standard speed rope. Designed by the team at Aerospace, one of New York’s hottest gyms, it is unquestionably one of the highest quality ropes on the market. ($34.99,

2. WellPath Essentials Box

wellpath solutions

The WellPath Essentials box was designed specifically with travel in mind. It combines an extraordinarily high degree of portability, the organization of a pillbox and the disposability (and recyclability) of heavy stock paperboard. All the while providing you with your customized mix of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, probiotics and enzymes to suit your unique mix of goals and needs. Not surprisingly, we never travel without it. ($49.99,

3. The Manduka eKO SuperLite Mat


Manduka has established themselves as the purveyor of the highest quality yoga mats, and in our opinion, with relatively little in the way of competition. The only drawback to most of their mats, as any yogi will attest to, is they are heavy and as a result not ideal for anything more than a short commute or for use in your home. The Manduka eKO SuperLite mat, specifically designed for travel, solves this by weighing in at an extraordinarily portable 2 pounds alongside being easily foldable. ($40,

4. Black Mountain Resistance Band

black mountain resistance band

This set of five resistance bands provides exceptional durability and value. What’s more, they come with a carrying case and simple use guide, making them perfect for travel. Resistance bands work well quite literally anywhere provided you have a somewhat flat, stable surface (easily created with your yoga mat). ($27.99,

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5. TRX Home Suspension Trainer

TRX home suspension trainer

The TRX system has gained significant popularity over the past several years both in gyms and at home. It’s deceptively simple system of pulleys enables an extensive variety of exercises all of which rely entirely on body weight and leverage. It comes with instructional materials as well as a carrying case. The only caveat here is that it does need to be attached to something (though something as commonplace as a door will do). ($199.95,

Getting the right gear is the first step. To learn more about the customized nutritional solutions that WellPath provides click here.

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