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The 3 Adventure Instagrams You Need to Follow

The 3 Adventure Instagrams You Need to Follow

Renan Ozturk (@Renan_Ozturk)

Named by National Neographic as one of the Adventurers of the Year, Renan does us the favor of capturing it all on film, leveraging a rare storytelling prowess to bring his images to life in such a way that it is the next best thing to being there ourselves.

Chris Burkard (@ChrisBurkard)

You know when Patagonia engages a photographer to be a brand ambassador that the photographer in question is both incredibly talented and lives an adventuresome life that reflects the ethos of the storied brand. His shots of desert landscapes and snow capped peaks evoke a feeling of a lost Americana we associate with generations past and we’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t feel they stir at that primal urge to get out in nature within all of us.

Foster Hunting (@FosterHunting)

Foster left the corporate world to travel in a van whilst building skate parks and tree forts. He’s since garnered a following in the hundreds of thousands while living off the grid and taking some of the most breathtaking photos we’ve seen. We can all be very appreciative he gave up on the cubicle.
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