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WellPath Inspiration: The Tarahumara Tribe

The Indian tribe that has lived in Mexico's remote Copper Canyon's for centuries includes some of the most impressive and improbable athletes.

How to Fuel for Adventure Races

Training is only one piece of the puzzle. Equally, if not more important is the need to understand how to fuel yourself in advance of and during your race. We show you how.

The Secrets to Training For Adventure Racing

Preparing for an adventure race is unlike other forms of racing, and requires a nuanced approach to training.

The 4 Great Adventure Races

Not content with the obstacle races and triathlons? Looking for that next level challenge? Read on to learn about the 4 greatest (and grueling) races in the world.

The Adventure Race Phenomenon

If you haven't heard of Tough Mudder or Spartan Race consider yourself one of the few. Adventure races, once a curiosity, have spread like wildfire. Boasting millions of participants and a burgeoning industry of race devotees, it's about to be in your backyard!