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WellPath Inspiration: Dara Torres

The only American swimmer to compete in five Olympic Games is a source of inspiration to all - teaching us to not emphasize the negative voices in our lives.

WellPath Inspiration: Fauja Singh

Proof positive that age is no excuse to lose your love of athletics and your will to compete.

WellPath Inspiration: The Tarahumara Tribe

The Indian tribe that has lived in Mexico's remote Copper Canyon's for centuries includes some of the most impressive and improbable athletes.

WellPath Inspiration: Bruce Lee

The man most responsible for popularizing martial arts in the western world and who remains a source of inspiration to anyone who aspires to achieve the impossible.

WellPath Inspiration: Sir Edmund Hillary

One of the great explorers and most important men of the last generation. He pushed the boundaries of what was possible in both the physical and mental dimensions.

WellPath Inspiration: Jack LaLanne

The "Godfather of Fitness" revolutionized the industry half a century ago. His impact helped modernize fitness and create the industry we now have today. Learn how he inspires us.