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The Science Behind Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Despite all the motivational quotes that tell us getting out of your comfort zone is essential for a happy life, it’s still a struggle breaking from regular routine.

Running (Around) the World

Dorothy Beal shares how she got her start in running, and why she hasn't stopped since.

#MyWellPath Inspiration

What keeps you going? #mywellpath

Do What You Love and Do It Better

Simply do what you love to see more satisfying results.

Mind Over Matter: Are You Failing Before You’ve Even Started?

Find out if you have a fixed or growth mindset and what that means for your fitness.

WellPath Inspiration: Gabrielle Douglas

This 19-year-old Olympic artistic gymnast has more than just gold medals under her belt. Read about how she inspires us.

WellPath Inspiration: Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg has always remained true to herself and her brand image.