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Superfood Staple: Turmeric

Superfood Staple: Turmeric

While you might still be figuring out how you feel about turmeric’s tendency to turn everything you put it into orange, there’s no denying the nutritional benefits of the bright spice. From reducing inflammation and fighting free radicals, to reducing the risk of heart disease by improving the lining of your blood vessels, turmeric is packed with a host of positive qualities that make it well worth incorporating into your diet.


And while your initial instinct might be to drizzle some on your chicken or rice, turmeric is surprisingly versatile, and works just as well in sweet treats like brownies or milk-and-cinnamon steamers as it does in savory dishes. Read on for five of our favorite ways to deliciously up your turmeric intake.



Turmeric Persimmon Porridge

Turmeric Porridge - Credit - Nutrition StrippedA warm bowl of oatmeal is always a hearty way to the start the day, but when that oatmeal is prepared the same way every single morning, it has a way of getting really old, really fast. This recipe takes your porridge somewhere totally new by incorporating ingredients like turmeric, persimmon, and ginger root. While it may be a drastic jump from your usual peanut-butter-and-banana combo, your taste buds are sure to love the unexpected combo.


Get the full recipe from Nutrition Stripped


Curried Corn and Coconut Rice

Turmeric Rice - Credit - Melissa Ryan_The KitchnThis flavorful corn-and-rice dish gets its kick from a turmeric-infused Jamaican curry powder that also makes use of powerful spices like coriander, cayenne pepper, and ginger. And since you won’t likely be able to use up all this powder the first time around, you’ll have plenty leftover for the second time (or to try with other dishes.)


Get the full recipe from The Kitchn


Turmeric Shrimp

Turmeric Shrimp - Credit - Skinny TastePaired with cumin and red pepper flakes, turmeric makes for the perfect shrimp seasoning in this recipe, which recommends serving up your shrimp atop a bed of cabbage-and-mango slaw. And in addition to benefitting from some powerhouse flavor, this shrimp boasts other positive qualities like being paleo, gluten-free, and low-carb.


Get the full recipe from Skinny Taste

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Almond Milk & Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte - Credit - Kale and ChocolateTurmeric has a place in more than just your food – it’s also perfect when drizzled in a warm almond milk steamer. Honey and cinnamon give the drink a sweet flavor that pairs surprisingly well with the bright turmeric spice and helps balance out other ingredients like ginger.


Get the full recipe from Kale and Chocolate


Vegan Turmeric Blonde Brownie

Turmeric Blondies - Credit - Tasty MediterraneoGot a sweet tooth? This recipe uses turmeric as a key ingredient in healthy – not to mention, vegan – blondies. The treat is a nutritious spin on a popular Lebanese turmeric cake, called “sfouf,” and uses ingredients like anise and orange blossom water to achieve its distinct (and totally irresistible) flavor.


Get the full recipe from Tasty Mediterraneo

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